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Robert Harutyunyan, Business Development Manager at Endorphina, just had an interview with FocusGn where he shares insights into what makes Endorphina spectacular, what we have achieved in 2022, how we see business and the iGaming industry in 2023, and what we can expect in the near future! Interested in hearing the latest scoops? Be sure to read the full interview with Robert and FocusGN below!

What assessment does Endorphina make about 2022? 

2022 was all about big challenges, full of new opportunities and fairly aggressive growth for Endorphina. I personally find 2022 a great success for the company. We have released quite a few exciting games which have reached new levels of success amongst the players. We have visited countless amounts of brilliant expos and events, and by now I assume it's clear that it's an area in which we excel, and we continue to pleasantly surprise our partners, colleagues, and the iGaming business overall. Most importantly, we have successfully gained licenses and certifications in more than 20 countries within 12 months. All that is a result of the immense work that has been put in during this period by the whole team, which has grown significantly as well. 

The company launched more than 20 new games in 2022, what is your outstanding content and why? 

When it comes to the quality and quantity of the content we have released in 2022, we have really stepped up our game and we aim to continue on that trajectory. You can never please everybody, but we did a really great job at trying our best to diversify our portfolio to accommodate every player's needs out there. We have released great classic games, such as HIT SLOT 2022, WILD STREAK, and WILD LOVE. These will never disappoint anybody. We came up with culturally colorful games, some to mention; GLORY OF EGYPT, SAMARKAND'S GOLD, and KING OF GHOSTS. These became instantly popular in specific parts of the world as well as places we wouldn't expect at all. We had so many requests from our fanbase to get them a sequel to their beloved games, and we always listen to their feedback. So we gave them the following incredible content; THE EMIRATE II and MONGOL TREASURES II, and THE VAMPIRES II. Last, but not least, we are ready to finish the year strong and warm the player's hearts with a perfectly themed game for X-mas - SANTA'S GIFT.

iGaming has grown considerably in the last year. How do you see the business for 2023?

I think iGaming is only going to expand and grow unless there are some unforeseen circumstances. The business has shown, especially within the last 2-3 years, that we are barely touching the surface of its potential and the people working within the company are very much able to overcome difficulties and challenges provided not only from the business side of things. 

Are you planning new partnerships for the first months of 2023? 

Absolutely, our partnership managers already have very busy Q1-Q2 schedules. You will see Endorphina entering new markets across the globe. We as a team are very excited about what 2023 holds for us and for the industry itself.

What do you expect for 2023? Can you anticipate any new launch Endorphina is planning for the next months?

We celebrated our 10th-year anniversary in 2022. It's such an important milestone for us and we are looking forward to stepping into a new decade of business with an even higher level of confidence and experience. We are ready to do what we do best, which is providing great entertainment, with an incredible support team behind the scenes, and overall an amazing experience for our partners and players. We will keep on bringing top content. We will definitely enter more and more markets and Endorphina will expand and thrive for years to come.


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