Your Space Slot for Asteroid Day 2020 and World UFO Day

TOP SPACE SLOTS | 2027 ISS GAME Game for 2020 Asteroid Day


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On June 30, International Asteroid Day has got many of us looking up at the sky. The celebration of this space-themed holiday started after the release of the movie about a potential scenario of asteroids falling in London. Later, International Asteroid Day was co-founded by over 200 famous astronauts and scientists, technologists and artists by co-signing the Asteroid Day Declaration. Every year since then, we all dream to reveal more secrets of the far stars and galaxies. Adding to this theme, World UFO Day (July 2) will create one more reason to celebrate the human success in other space!

Would you enjoy discovering more about intergalactic travels? If so, you are among those players who will challenge themselves in the most unforgettable space slot adventure from Endorphina! This casino game design and scenario were inspired by the first human-made space flight and is called 2027 ISS slot.

What’s in it for you? This futuristic slot game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 lines, as well as a unique space-themed game with symbols like the dice, roulette and slots spinning on the reels. Beyond the bravest expectations, you will witness incredible views of outer space and the future technologies in action. Are you ready to blast off into your intergalactic mission during the most space-themed week of 2020?


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