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You've guessed it – Halloween is already right around the corner, and we want to make sure you're surrounding yourself in the right atmosphere, filled with thrills, scares, and endless goosebumps all month long. Are you a fan of horror? Well, you're in luck!  To help you out, we've put together a list of our own scary and horror-filled online slots with animations, graphics, and music to put you right into the Halloween mood! Will you be trick or treating this year? If luck is on your side, your treats can end up being some of the greatest, spookiest wins of the year! 

Here are our top 5 horror-themed slots to play this Halloween:

100 ZOMBIES is a 5-reel, 4-row slot game that has 100 pay lines, stacked wilds, and a free spins feature. It's a thrilling game that makes you fight for your life, to see how badly you want to stay amongst the living. This game takes place in a lovely town, where people enjoy their habitual life under the bright golden sun. But the abyss approaches fast, as an irrevocable scientific mistake spawns 100 zombies, and the dreadful war starts. How badly will you fight for your life? Try this slot to find out. 

THE VAMPIRES is a horror-themed game where one can trigger some extra Free Spins during the game. This mysterious slot is filled with gloomy and spooky Romanian motifs to remind you of the deadliest of vampires. This game will take players into the oldest gothic castle, where the main chamber is decorated with macabre ornaments, human skulls, and faceless sculptures lightly lit by the full moon effulgence. For your sake, we hope your blood stays cold! Jump into this slot to test your will to live and see if you can stay amongst the living as a human!

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS is a classic 3-reel slot, instantly taking you to the most sacred and creepiest day of the year – the Day of the Dead. This three-day Mexican celebration allows people to pay their respects and to get closer to their dead ancestors. This is a deadly game filled with the Halloween spirit so you can explore the centuries-long Mexican tradition. Only here, on the way paved by flowers of the dead, each and every player can discover the secrets of the souls, which return into this world for the Day of the Dead for greeting players with truly heartfelt wins! Will this become your new favorite holiday? Find out in this slot. 

VOODOO is inspired by an aged belief that has fascinated the world for centuries. With its obscure traditions and mysterious rituals, every player will be immersed in this 5-reel, 3-row slot. Will you become a victim of voodoo, or will you uncover ways to survive and win big inside this slot?

MINOTAUROS is a video slot game featuring the fearless Minotaur monster – one of the most terrifying creatures in ancient Greek mythology. The game takes place in an eerie labyrinth. This fixed-line game is filled with scary yet remarkable animations and sounds to build a thrilling atmosphere. Will you be able to face this creature without trembling? 

We hope you're now ready for endless spooks, tricks, and lots of mega wins. Gather your courage and take a spin inside some of Endorphina's scariest and top Halloween online slots for 2021!

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    It’s already October, and the autumn air is filled with that glamorous flair! Colder days call for an additional boost of unforgettable experiences, fresh endorphins, and some of that early holiday atmosphere. And it cannot be easier for Endorphina games to lure all the players into some magical golden excitement with the cream of the crop slots!

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