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In this recent interview, Rashad Karimov, Senior Partnership Manager at Endorphina, shares insights into our company's operations and juicy plans for the future. He discusses the internal organization of our skilled team, the process of creating new games, and our focus on providing players with an enjoyable experience. He also touches on the success of certain games and the company's plans for expansion in 2023. Interested? Be sure to dive into the full interview below: 

All right, let's start with the basics. How long has Endorphina been in operation and how many people are working with you currently?

Firstly I would like to thank online.casino to give me this chance for an interview. It’s been already more than 10 years since Endorphina first started operating. Actually, last year was our anniversary and we had some exclusive parties all around the globe. Currently, we have 100+ colleagues altogether.

How is your team organised? For example, are there different departments for the mathematical side, animation, product ideas, etc.?

One of the good advantages of Endorphina is that the internal structure is well organized. So for each stage of the procedure, we have a different department, ex: Sales, Account, Marketing, etc. Of course, our in-house game studio also has a relevant department focused on different aspects of game development.

What is an average day at Endorphina like?

Usually every morning, each of us already has a "to-do list” for the day. Also considering last year’s dramatic growth, we have tight schedules; but one of the key factors which drive us further is collaboration, even tight schedules do not feel stressful. To be honest, I feel at home at the workplace.

How much time is spent on studying games from other developers as well as playing yours?

That is an interesting question because we are checking games on a daily basis as most of us have a keen interest in slot games. I personally love checking any new slot game and sometimes I might spend hours on it. If we will compare, I believe I spent more time playing our games thanks to its mobile-friendly design. My personal favorite is Hell Hot 20.

How hard do you think it is today to come up with a winning formula for slots?

That is an interesting question. As the generation changes, so do the interests and trends, hence it’s hard to predict which game might be likable by everyone. On another side, there are some games that are still the favorites of many people. As an example, I can name our Lucky Streak series which has constantly been growing interest over the years.

How long is the cycle for an idea for a game to end up as a playable version at an online casino?

To be fair, depending on the game, it might take from a few months to a year. Recently we released the Dynamite Miner slot game which has totally new mechanics for us and of course the development stage of this game took longer than any other classic-themed slot game.

What are some of your games whose popularity ended up surprising you one way or the other?

During 10 years of existence, we had a couple of games that became surprisingly famous. For me, it was Joker Stoker - from the release, the game gained huge interest from the players. Although I was thinking that game will be successful, I was surprised at how well it performed.

You also have quite a few new slots out. What do you think are some of the ones you're most excited about?

Every release is my favorite part of the “cycle” of our slot games as I am witnessing how well players usually welcome our games. I am super excited about our recent release “The Vampires II” due to its amazing animation, sound effects, and cool bonus feature.

Most of your games seem to have fixed RTPs of around 96%, meaning that players can get a good deal everywhere they play. What is your philosophy here?

We always focus on players and always try to entertain them. When we create a game, we strive to deliver as much fun, joy, and of course endorphins as possible. We do have a large group of players who loves our games and trusts us. Hence we want to reward that trust by having a standard 96% RTP rate.

Your 2018 slot Taboo is still, well, one of the most taboo games out there. Is there a backstory for this game?

I think the sensational answer to this question would be “yes” and I should begin to tell you the craziest story that everyone would love to hear, but in reality, I don't think there is a special backstory to it. The fact is, we do have a set of different thematic games that many players love.

In general, why do you think there are so few adult-themed slots out there? Are there some legal boundaries? Would you consider going harder on more mature content (sexual themes, horror, violence) in the future?

I think there is an excellent opportunity to create such thematic slot games, as some people love to try different themed slots, something new or even sensational. Regarding our future plans, let’s keep it as a surprise for our players. 

By the way, how do you come up with new theme ideas? Lately, you've had games revolving around lumberjacks, Mongolian royalty, miners, and vampires.

When it comes to game themes, we do always try to keep a good balance between classic and special-themed games which gives us a good opportunity to stand out for our new players while still keeping our existing player base entertained. I would say a few factors such as being an “in-house” provider, a professional team, and constant collaboration brings cool ideas to create such successful games. 

What plans do you have for Endorphina in 2023 and going forward?

It would be fair to briefly mention that last year was a great year for Endorphina, considering that as we entered 17 new jurisdictions, more than 2,000 websites started to offer our games. Internally, we grew almost two times. This year will be even greater for us. We will participate in many events during 2023, one of which is the upcoming ICE. We plan to continue entering new markets, raising our position as a provider in current markets, and of course, bringing endorphins to our players. From the partnership perspective, we have a strong start as we struck a deal with notable brands such as Adjarabet, Superbet, Favbet Croatia, and much more in the works. Obviously, we will have more exciting news but let’s keep it as a surprise for now. 

What would you like to say to people reading this interview?

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for reading. Every year, we hear and get more and more positive feedback from our partners, clients, and players, which makes us happy. Personally, I am proud of saying that Endorphina is well-established, well-known, and loved by a huge audience of players in many countries. As usual, we will keep being innovative with cool-themed games as well as keep bringing joy, and entertainment to our players. We will also travel all around the globe to meet our partners, clients, and friends. We will have exclusive parties, gatherings, and many more great events, so do not forget to follow us on social media as well to be aware of all updates because we will have lots of them. Have a great 2023 and an enjoyable time while playing our games. Thank you!


As you can see, Endorphina is committed to providing entertainment and joy to players and plans to expand its reach and participate in various events in 2023. Follow us on our social channels for updates and exclusive events!

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