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Hear what Gretta has to say in her latest interview about RTPs, the volatility of games and how it's connected to RTPs, how to calculate the numbers, and everything you need to know about RTPs. Interested? Be sure to dive into the full interview below:

What does RTP mean?

Gretta: All you need to know about RTP in slots: The Return To Player is a percentage that indicates the average amount of money returned to the players in the form of winnings over a long period of time.

How to calculate the RTP (Return to Player)?

Gretta: RTP is calculated based on the rule of RTP, which means that the % is not fixed. Still, changes are based on averages gathered from millions of simulated spins before an RTP is assigned to a slot, so it can be higher or lower on a small number of spins then what is written in the slot game’s rules.

Let’s put the theoretical example of how the return to player works:

  • You make 1000 EUR in bets which are valued at 100%
  • The RTP of the slot is 96%
  • Theoretically, on average 4% of your 1000 EUR is collected by the casino and 40 EUR is removed from your wallet during the play.
  • Your average return is 960 EUR from your original 1000 EUR which is 96%.

Does the RTP keep from each game or does it keep all providers' games?

Gretta: The RTP is calculated on the selected game, so each game of Endorphina has an average rounded up to 96%. As we discussed in question number one, the RTP parameter is a percentage, that shows the calculation of the winnings on the billions of simulated spins.

If at the moment the RTP of the players is high, does it mean that it's better to buy Bonus Pop?

Gretta: You can also ask me differently: How to beat a slot machine? There is no proper time to buy features or start to bet more or less, it is only a myth about slot games. Keep in mind that the RTP dictates the overall potential Return To Player. Slots work according to the RNG system which means that there is always a chance that a spin could win or lose with a 50% probability, and each next spin and the result of that spin are not connected with each other. Going back to the Bonus Pop feature, I would like to add that the feature doesn't change the RTP. The cost of the feature is based on the mathematically calculated average amount of money that will be spent by the player in order to trigger the feature. You can buy the feature and with a 50% probability expect more or less money than you spent buying the Bonus Pop.

What is the volatility of the game and how is it connected to the RTP?

Gretta: Volatility is another component of slots that can affect the average results of spins that dictate the average win rate of a slot and is also linked to the expected return on a given win. Volatility for a slot is calculated on a scale of Low-High with varying degrees of hit rate for each slot. For a better understanding, the volatility of the games is the expectation of how often the winnings will appear in the online slot.

LOW - Payouts are lower but the chance of achieving a win on any given spin is stronger.
MEDIUM - Payouts are fair but the chance of achieving a win on any given spin is fair.
HIGH - Payouts are significantly higher but the chance of achieving a win on any given spin is lower.

What are the top 3 Endorphina games with high RTP?

Gretta: There is no big difference in RTPs in Endorphina's online slot machines because all games are close to 96% for now. I personally prefer to select the games based on my own feelings, the mechanics, the volatility, the graphics, and the sounds. 
 My recommendation will be to try games such as Lucky Streak 3, Minotauros, Dynamite Miner, and Cyber Wolf, Wild Streak, Crystal Skull, Royal Xmass

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