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The entire era of online gaming has been booming within the past decade, contributing to the explosion of the entire gambling industry. According to the Global Online Gambling Market, the market was worth a striking $44 billion in 2016 and is estimated to reach up to $81.71 billion by 2022.

When it comes to slot games, there’s a methodology that takes place before every release. The slot games must be designed by knowledgeable slot developers, engineers, and game designers. After each concept is developed, the mathematics must follow and everything must be considered and wrapped up into a slot game demo version to be shown off to the public. This is the time where players can get a feel of the game and get a taste of what the game can offer. Having a slot game demo also increases the chances of players coming back and deciding to play the full game once it’s released (because they are already familiar with the workings and the theme).

Designing games well and having reliable slot game software is extremely important for the life of the game itself, as it's already proven by the iGaming solutions from Endorphina casino developer.  If the graphics are not attractive and catchy, chances are that players will not be interested, stay in the game, or even come back. More and more, slot game providers are even opting for releasing slot game apps alongside their online versions, due to the increase in attractiveness, convenience, mobilized entertainment, and getting more reach to users.

Having access to online gaming platforms through a mobile phone is increasingly popular amongst a massive number of players. Each iGaming platform and slot game software can choose which smartphone brands to design for, as well as the respective operating systems they work with. Not all games will work on all devices – it merely depends on the gaming software and the company itself.

In general, an online slot game takes roughly one year to be “ready” for the public. Each game starts off as an idea and moves on to strategizing each phase of the game with many people involved until it can be turned into a slot game demo version — with the help from slot game designers, mathematicians, server developers, front-end developers, game testers, slot game soft, project managers, and a creative team to pull it all together. Usually, the more devices that the game will be featured on, the longer it will take to configure it all.

Online slots and casino games are continuously being developed, with slot game designers and iGaming platforms hoping that it will capture more players’ attention.

However, once the slot game has been released to the public, the work does not end there. Oftentimes, slot game designers have to go back in and tweak the graphics and update themes. It’s important for these slot designers to keep up with the iGaming trends and technologies to keep their designs and games up to par no matter how much time passes. If you are interested in browsing online casino games by software or learning about specific iGaming platforms, take a look at the software reviews from here.


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