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Gretta Kochkonyan, our Head of Account Management here at Endorphina, has just had an exclusive interview with TheBettingCoach to spill some insights on what has happened with Endorphina over the past decade, how we plan to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and our upcoming plans for the near future. As this marks an incredibly special year for Endorphina, you can bet that we aren’t holding back in terms of sharing endorphins, gifts, giveaways, and more – especially when it comes to our partners, players, and clients!

Interested in hearing what Gretta has to say about it? Be sure to dive into the full interview below!

Hey Gretta, how are you? Endorphina has just turned 10 years old! What is the atmosphere in the company and how did you prepare for this important milestone?

Hello dears, this year is very special for us and we are incredibly happy about everything that is going on inside and outside of the company. Let me share with you a taste of Endorphina’s world and shed some light on what’s going on. Endorphina is filled with great emotions, as we are a tight family here. Especially with the lifestyle, we look forward to getting up every day and going to the office to meet our colleagues! It’s a place where we can all work hard and play harder. Our team and management are amazing to work with.
Can you imagine that 10 years have already flown by? Preparing was difficult – Endorphina’s actual birth date is July 27th, but we decided to start celebrating from July 1st till the end of the year! What does this mean? It means that all expos that we will attend this year will be heaps more interesting, packed with celebrations, giveaways, and more endorphins for visitors at our booth, as well as for our partners, players, and clients around the globe! We’re definitely in the giving mood all year and we can’t wait to host more grand and exclusive parties that we’ll share more info about later in the year. It’s a surprise but we’re overflowing with excitement.

IGB LIVE and the opportunity to celebrate in Amsterdam with friends, partners, and potential new customers! How did it go?

We just came back from the event and oh, it was just absolutely amazing! When we are talking about the results, we had the most crowded booth ☺ We prepared exclusive gifts for our partners, interesting giveaways, and of course everyone enjoyed and had a wonderful time – which was one of our main goals.
But not only this, but we also had more meetings. We probably broke one of our records since it was so crowded! People at IGB were asking me: How do you do that? You are so popular, how you bring people to the booth! ☺

You have been working at Endorphina for over two years, tell us your personal experience; What does it mean for you to be part of this big family?

I will be honest with you, I fell in love with this amazing company. Of course, we had our difficult days, but I never wanted to leave this company. Endorphina is filled with huge opportunities to grow and leave its mark in the iGaming industry. It’s one big family, to me.
As I already mentioned, this is the place where you go in the morning with a smile on your face and are ready to rock.
PS I hate mornings ☺

In recent years you have lived incredible experiences, wonderful journeys, and legends to tell! Is there a "behind the scenes" that you would like to share with us?

I have a lot but will tell you a real and recent story. On our normal business trip to Malta, all is good, we have a flight from Prague to Malta via Zurich, and unfortunately, the weather was not good. All of us got stuck in Zurich with no flights to Malta for the next 5 days. But we had to be there as we were organizing the party the next day. And you know what, we flew to Sicily, lost our luggage somewhere in Europe, and from Sicily to Malta we somehow managed to send people by ferry to Malta. We were so stressed and not prepared emotionally for the party, but we did it!

For this 10th anniversary, Endorphina has created a fantastic B2C promotion in collaboration with several online casinos, can you give us all the details?

That’s a good question and you are asking me for the key to success. I can tell you what is behind it for sure. When you do and plan to do something, you must think and work hard, you must manage and analyze a lot, and the main thing is that you must love and want to do it. Once you have all the fundamental aspects, you are on the way to win.  Planning promotions with clients is the skill to think out of the box. When we talk about the B2C business, you must never forget, that the gaming provider brings the entertainment for the player, and the player is the most important.

Promotions and exciting iGaming content have always distinguished the “Made in Endorphina” offer. Your company is among the favorite brands of partners and gamblers. In your opinion, what are the reasons that make you so famous?

I will shortly answer this question because it is clear. The reason is easy - we put our soul into the all offers that we do, it is like a hand-made product. Endorphina is always open for feedback, and we hear and process them.

Constant relationships with partners are the basis of Endorphina's success. Gadgets and gifts for important occasions complete an unbeatable business proposal! What can you tell us about your company's B2B operations?

Let’s go a bit to philosophy. When you talk about relationships, you are working for the relationships, you not just trying to be good, but you are good. You can see how many expos we attend and ideas we bring to the booth, the Cyber Dogs for example from the last London ICE. You also can see the parties that we organize and the digital non-digital collaborations. We are recording podcasts, giving interviews, and we are traveling a lot more.

Time passes and Endorphina ages, but like good wine, your company and its products improve over the years! What are the new games ready to be presented to the industry?

You are right, if you check the first games that we did, till the latest one, you will see the progress in design, mechanics, and themes. From time to time, I see that we are trend-setters, and many providers try to copy us. The latest game from our portfolio is the Glory of Egypt, just released on the 14th of July, they will appear soon ☺

Not only new iGaming solutions and promotions for this anniversary. A new logo will represent Endorphina for the next few years! Why this rebranding?

Sometimes people do not realize that 10 years passed, and time runs fast. Can you imagine how life and technologies changed during this time? Lots of companies closed and opened. It is the first decade of Endorphna and we want everyone to know about that and celebrate with us.

Let's talk about the future! Where can we meet Endorphina in the coming months?

We have scheduled events till the end of the next year! But the next few that coming up are as follows: G2E Asia, SiGMA Balkans/CIS, SBC Summit Barcelona, and SiGMA Malta.

Please contact us for a meeting https://endorphina.com/contact-us

To conclude, what do you wish? What are the next goals you would like to achieve?

I wish to see Endorphina on a higher level of success, I am pretty sure the whole Endorphina team will make it happen. I wish to keep this amazing atmosphere in the company and just take it to new levels!


Thank you for checking out our latest interview with TheBettingCoach! Stay tuned for more updates and insights by following our website and social channels. Most importantly, don't forget to celebrate with Endorphina all year long! 


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