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  • Interview with Casinoshunter

The following questions are covered in this interview:

1. What makes a really good slot that is both profitable for the provider and for the player?

2. Slots are considered pure games of chance. Is it 100% true?

3. When meeting the new market’s demands, what comes first? The chicken or the egg, slot theme / visual design, or slot mechanics?

4. What trends are reshaping the industry and are likely to stay?

5. What are the best practices for online casinos to ensure the slot game is fair?

Gretta Kochkonyan, our Head of Account Management at Endorphina, has recently shared some interesting insights with CasinosHunter on the topic of entering new markets, the latest iGaming trends, the secret to a great slot, and if players can increase their chances of getting a win! Mike Hunter, the co-founder of the CasinosHunter platform also shares his comments and answers to the same questions. Sound interesting? Take a peek at the full interview below to absorb what Mike and Gretta are willing to share!

1. Endorphina makes many slot games per year, experimenting with skins and mechanics. CasinosHunter reviews dozens of slot games by different providers. What makes a really good slot, that is both profitable for the provider and for the player?

Gretta: Endorphina has been on the market for 10 years and we’re celebrating our anniversary this year. We create slot games with love and soul, based on the preferences of the players all over the world. You can check our portfolio of over 100 games and see how different they are in the themes and mechanics. The main thing that a provider can do is to truly understand the quality of the product and understand the player. When you do something with love, it will bring some profits. We listen to our players and also follow trends. With this, we continuously improve. It is not possible to talk about the key to success, because there are lots of factors that make a product perfect.

Mike: Someone focuses on mathematical models and mechanics, someone on graphics, branding, and storytelling. In my opinion, a competent symbiosis of all the above factors is needed so that the online slot can provide maximum success for the studio. Also, fundamentally, the market affects the success or failure of the slot. If key mistakes were made at the stage of designing the marketing strategy of the game and localizing it for a specific market, nothing will save the slot, even super technological mechanics or the best graphics to date.

2. Slots are considered pure games of chance. Is it 100% true, or one can increase the odds by taking a correct strategic or tactical approach to playing slots?

Gretta: As a provider that values trust and respect from our partners and players, Endorphina owns an RNG (Random Number Generator) certification, which guarantees that our games are random and there is no cheat code to crack the system. Though many players have their beliefs that if you play in full moon during the Mercury Retrograde, you will certainly win - well, unfortunately, it does not influence the outcome of the game.

Mike: This discussion has been going on since the advent of slots in general. Many players put forward different theories and tried to develop some kind of strategy that would increase their chances of success. I tend to think that slots are 100% a game of luck and should be seen as a pastime rather than a way to make money. 

3. Endorphina constantly looks for ways to enter newly-regulated gambling markets with its games, and therefore probably seeks ways to customize the games to suit these markets more. CasinosHunter, on the other hand, tests games made for different markets. So, when meeting the new market’s demands, what comes first? The chicken or the egg, slot theme / visual design, or slot mechanics?

Gretta: That’s an interesting question, thank you for asking. The chicken or the egg? Let’s first decide what is the chicken and what is the egg in gambling. When we are talking about new markets, and we currently have 20+ regulated markets in our pocket, we check and research a few things at the same time: regulation, requirements for all parts of the market, the business itself – this is how you can enter the market and what you have to do in order to enter it. At the same time, you check the client on the market – the player, who they are, and what they like.
As I said before, Endorphina knows what the players like. Once you have everything in your hand, you go to the market. I will name this process ping-pong, you do your strategy – you hit, and then it bounces back to you.

Mike: I completely agree with Gretta. Based on our experience, I would say that, for example, in the Asian markets, the styling and competent localization of the game are slightly superior to the mechanics and gameplay, while in Canada everything is exactly the opposite - here people pay more attention to the gameplay than to the visual component due to the huge variety of slots.

4. What key trends in online casino slots development are likely to define or redefine the current situation? What trends are reshaping the industry and are likely to stay?

Gretta: It fully depends on the market, you can’t just name one trend for the whole world. The gambling world is different and so interesting, so dynamic and running super-fast. What was the trend and hype yesterday are not the same today ☺ Just follow us, and you will always be aligned with the times.

Mike: If we talk about global trends - the quality of the slot. In all aspects. Due to the huge selection of slots on the market, people have learned to tell really good titles from second-rate ones. And this is a big advantage for the niche.

5. What are the best practices for online casinos and software developers for helping the player ensure the slot game is fair and the results are random?

Gretta: We already talked about RNG certificate and that it brings safety to players. Of course, players must pay attention to certified providers and the games. In order to avoid the high possibility of a fake that of course exists in any industry, you can compare the slots with the official Endorphina webpage. We had cases where players were writing to us in order to understand if the game is fake or not and if the results of the spin are correct or not. Players can easily write to the live chat on the official webpage or email us, and we’re happy to check and answer such questions and also receive any feedback.

Mike: In the context of the game, first of all, of course, this is an RNG certificate from a trusted company in a niche, for example - eCOGRA, the authenticity of which can be verified with the provider or the company itself that issued the certificate. Also, if a studio has licenses from well-known world licensors, this is also a fairly high sign that you can trust the games of this studio and not worry about your money.

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