Endorphina on Its Periscope Broadcasting from ICE 2016

Endorphina will be using live-streaming iOS and Android app called Periscope, which makes us the first gambling company to do that. In such a way, everyone who has a Periscope account and wants to know more about Endorphina games will be able to watch videos featuring the event’s brightest moments. 

Stepanka Chmelarova, Marketing Manager from Endorphina comments: “Periscope is getting a huge popularity over the world and we’re happy to have this great app to be able to share our London ICE journey. We’re planning to show you what’s happening behind the scene of ICE as well as to get you closer to our team and brand new games. So don’t worry if you can’t make it to ICE 2016, we’ll broadcast it for you. Just download the Periscope app and search for Endorphina."

  • endorphina live-stream at ICE 2016
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