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Meet our Zdenek Llosa, Senior Partnership Manager at Endorphina. With over 6 years of experience in the iGaming industry, Zdenek oversees the regions of Southern Europe and LatAm, and also provides support to the company in different iGaming events. In this interview with casinoscout.nl, Zdenek talks about the history of Endorphina, our approach to game development, and the company's entry into the Dutch market! He also shares insights into our most popular games and upcoming releases. Interested? Be sure to read our full interview below:


Can you introduce yourself to our readers and share a bit more about your position at Endorphina?

Hi, thank you Casinoscout for this opportunity. My name is Zdenek Llosa, and I have been in the iGaming industry for the past 6 years. I first started on the Operator’s side, then I joined Endorphina back in 2019 where I’m currently a Senior Partnership Manager overseeing regions of Southern Europe, LatAm, and the entry to key regulated markets. I also support the company across different iGaming events showcasing our products for our partners. Endorphina's main vision is very simple and clear – to provide the best entertainment through our slot games. We have a great professional and technical team, and we always aim to bring the most engaging games for all types of players across all our available markets. It is imperative for us to build strong relationships with all our partners by providing the management and technical services they expect and deserve.

Could you please provide us with an overview of Endorphina and its history in the iGaming industry?

We are quite excited to have reached 10 years in the market, entertaining players with our games around the world. I joined the company a few years back and witnessed incredible and sustainable growth, which was very pleasant to be a part of. Our company not only grew in the number of games but also in our reputation for delivering great and reliable content. Endorphina managed to open offices in Malta as we are a Czech-based company, and we are planning to open new locations to maintain our growth and direct relationships with our partners. We also outgrew ourselves in staff and now we are surrounded by great professionals from around the world to help us take our company to the next level.

How does Endorphina approach game development, and what sets it apart from other providers in the market?

We are very proud to share the story through our slots as we show our players different locations and cultures without leaving the classic type of games for a more conservative audience. Therefore, it is very important to have conducted market research on why we think such an idea could stick in the market, followed by outlining the requirements for such a game – from the initial sketching to the type of math that will be implemented and legal requirements to comply with. Our team is constantly working on new models and following everyday trends to achieve the right timing when we could release a potential game.

Can you walk us through the process of creating a new game and what kind of research and testing goes into it?

Creating great content is always a challenge, however, we are working very hard to remain competitive in a saturated market where new games are being released almost every day. I would say it is a balanced combination of highly skilled individuals working on bringing up new ideas and math models we can use for each game, as teamwork is required to finalize the game before we can release it. Timing is also key for us to match players’ tendencies and tastes. A good example will be our latest Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits! slot. This cute rabbit-themed slot comes with an epic Bonus Game. When Mr. Rabbit gets engaged, his gorgeous rabbit fiancé will appear on reels 1 and 5, and the Rabbit's Wedding Bonus Game is triggered! It was released just in time for Saint Valentine's with a spark to last until easter.

At the beginning of 2022, Endorphina entered the Dutch market. Was the Netherlands on your radar for a longer time – and if so, how did you prepare for launch?

Entering a new market is a special moment for our company, and the Netherlands is no exception. This marks a strong beginning for Endorphina's journey in the country, and we welcome local operators to increase their offerings with Endorphina's slots.

Would you mind providing us with information about some of Endorphina's most popular games with the Dutch audience – and why you think they have been successful?

The Dutch market has only been regulated for a year, and after the entry of our exclusive titles now available in the Netherlands, we have noticed a trend in our Chance Machine 100Joker Stoker, and Hell Hot series being the most played games. We are very excited about how this market will develop in the future years and how our games will perform among Dutch players.

Have you released any, or are you considering releasing any region-specific slots, for example, slots that are focused on the Dutch audience only?

Working closer with a region-specific operator allows you to have a deeper understanding of the market and how the games are perceived from a frontend point of view until the mechanics are used in the game. We indeed have received the request to work with region-specific games for specific operators and to be honest, it is quite rewarding. For example, the relationship improves in all aspects as we gain their trust even more by allowing us to recreate the tailored desires on how the game should look like. We have a couple of projects in the pipeline soon to be announced.

Currently, Endorphina slots can only be played at one Dutch online casino. Are you looking to expand in our region and offer your games in more casinos in the Netherlands?

Further developing our presence in the Dutch market is part of our roadmap in 2023, where more partnerships have been agreed upon and their launch is scheduled for the upcoming months. This shows the quality of our product and added value we can bring to each operator's casino lobby.

Would you mind providing us with details about any new slots or new features that Endorphina has in development?

We have a packed roadmap of amazing games coming up for March. I can't share too much, but current partners and players can expect very good additions to their casino lobby. Each week from now on, we can look forward to a new release. We are currently evaluating which of those will be brought to the Netherlands in the near future.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers before we end the interview?

Thank you very much for this interview and for letting us expand a bit on the Dutch market and what we think about it. We do look forward to the next iGB Live in Amsterdam this year and can't wait to meet everyone. For more updates on our Dutch development, our website.


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