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Džangar Jesenov, our Corporate Compliance Manager, just had an interview with GamesBras to speak about Endorphina's performance and growth in 2022, our main achievements, upcoming technological advancements for 2023, insights on the Brazilian Gaming Market, and our goals for this new year! Interested in the details? Be sure to read the full interview below! 

1. What is your assessment of the performance and growth of your company in 2022? Was it what you expected or did it exceed your expectations?

From the company's perspective, it must be said that 2022 was a very successful year. During the year, we celebrated our 10th anniversary of being active on the market, increased the quality of safety in all directions, were positively evaluated by a renowned auditor, and qualitatively reached the level of ISO 27001.

According to our roadmap, these measures took place in early 2022, which subsequently allowed us to focus on expanding our business boundaries in new jurisdictions, which we racked up to a whopping 17 during the year! We currently operate in approximately 27 markets in which Endorphina is well-known. It's also important to say that during 2022, we were very lucky in terms of people. A lot of really great people and quality professionals joined the Endorphina family. When I turn back and look at 2022, I think to myself that these are incredible feats - I don't do this often, but this time the praise is entirely appropriate.

As for the goals have achieved - we are now turning another page in the big book of Endorphina, and the chapter of 2023 awaits us.

2. Could you list the main achievements or objectives met? (It can be product/service launches, product/service successes, international expansion, awards received, financial results, etc.).

Our main goal is to satisfy customers and to have a happy Endorphina team. We always listen to the needs and interests of our customers, our partners, our internal team of people, and everyone who comes into contact with Endorphina. If everyone is happy, at that moment we see it as a signal that we are doing our job well and overall Endorphina offers great added value.

At this point we can say that we have achieved our main goals, everything else will accumulate afterward. For example, the various awards across the segment place us among the best online slot game suppliers today. Of course, we see these international awards as a positive signal, but for us, it is a kind of stamp of approval for the satisfaction of our partners and this is a long-term goal that we have been fulfilling for a long time.

3. In your sector within the industry, what topics or technological advances do you think will dominate the market in 2023? What will be the main future trends?

The business environment in which we operate is primarily an entertainment environment. This concept applies to the entire industry. Today's entertainment industry is very diverse and we often find ourselves competing for people's attention.

Interestingly, one of the biggest commodities in the world right now is people's attention, which is what I devote my own time and subsequently money. Companies that can get people's attention will be at a great advantage. In this context, we can assume that the future trend will be to build up a certain originality that reveals at a glance that it is a particular company, and I think this is the music of the future and it is essential to pay attention to it. How individual companies will deal with this is something that 2023 will show us - I am looking forward to it.

4. Did you notice that the Brazilian gaming market made progress this year or did it miss another opportunity? What do you see when it comes to the regulation of the sector in the country for 2023?

Nowadays, Brazil is one of the largest markets in the world and this is true for any market segment. The entertainment and gambling industry is tied to people and in terms of population, Brazil has long been among the top 10 most populous countries in the world. These and many other solid facts make Brazil one of the most exciting players in the entertainment industry.

It is evident that Brazil's state government also sees its own potential and is taking the appropriate steps to regulate this segment more within its own territory, for example, São Paulo launched an international state lottery tender in 2022. Sometime between Q1 and Q2, we registered that the Brazilian legislature approves new lotteries for health and tourism ministries.

From our point of view, there will now be a number of changes in Brazil, one of which will be the regulation of the gambling business and the establishment of transparent rules for the tax liability of all participants in this market. Subsequently, we expect the local Gaming Authority to take two major steps. First of all, increasing the Player Protection Policy and then preventing unlicensed operators from participating.

5. What are the main goals/objectives of your company for 2023?

There are a lot of goals for 2023. Among the most important goals, we are aiming for the best possible service for our existing partners and new ones. Consequently, we expect 2023 to bring exceptional online slot games under the Endorphina brand that will offer a lot of positive experiences to all interested players. On this occasion, I would like to wish all readers a truly happy 2023, wishing everyone robust health, good luck, and fulfillment of the loftiest goals for 2023. Thank you. 

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