Our CEO shares our expansion strategy, 2022 pipeline, the future of slots, and more with CasinoGuru!


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Our CEO Jan Urbanec has recently shared some insights on Endorphina's expansion strategy, what's in the pipeline for the rest of the year, Endorphina's upcoming 10-year anniversary, the future of slots, and more with CasinoGuru. Take a look at the full interview below to absorb the latest inside scoops!

Q: Jan, it's fair to say that over the past months, Endorphina has been looking to expand its portfolio reach. How has your strategy in new markets worked so far?

Jan: Definitely! We are on a market expansion quest. On average, we've gotten a certification or gained a new license every 3 weeks! This is due to some new additions to the Endorphina team and the proper streamlining of work. Also, the demand of our partners drives us - whether it's a big or small market showing interest, we take it seriously and make it a personal goal to accommodate the local regulators to allow our games to be available in those jurisdictions. We are now going strong with 19 regulated markets and we're still counting!

Q: How is Endorphina planning the rest of 2022 in terms of product roadmap and event attendance? Are there any specific strategic moves you want to share with us that you plan to act on?

Jan: We want to ramp up our game production without sacrificing quality. There is a fine line there. As an addition to the local Jackpot tool we released this year, we are working on additional player value and promotional tools. Regarding events, Endorphina was always very active and we don't want to miss any of those!

Q: With your 10th anniversary as a company approaching, has Endorphina been able to meet its long-term goals, and do you see yourself as an innovative company in the next decade?

Jan: Ten years feel like a long time in the iGaming industry. Our industry is strongly connected with technology - mainly the mainstream technology that is available to the players. When we started, we saw a single wallet being the standard API, with some operators still using downloadable clients and Flash as the technology of choice. We saw the rise of mobile, up to absolute dominance, while several brands failed and grew like crazy. Of course, we can put ourselves into the latter category :)

Q: Do you think the slot experience is going to be dramatically different over the next years from what we have now?

Jan: The technologies are going to drive us, as mentioned above. So there will be some change. Probably on the front end and player experience. But the RNG combined with math probability is the core of the games. And I don't see that changing. For Endorphina, the goal is quite simple - to win the hearts and minds of the players in all available jurisdictions! Everything else will automatically follow. A simple goal, but 10 years is a tight deadline :)

Q: Can you share with our audience what your favorite slot is and why?

Jan: I have a set of "mini categories" in my head. The first really big win I witnessed - happened in our game Safari and in today's exchange, it would be slightly over a million EUR. The first new release that skyrocketed - Minotauros can easily be named our first big hit. Our first unique and innovative game - Satoshi's Secret was a big surprise for the industry when launched. The game was tailored for some of the first online crypto-casinos in 2015.


And there you have it! Some of Endorphina's insights straight from the CEO himself. Like what you're reading? Stay updated with us by following our social media and website for the latest info. 

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