Slot Provider for Yogonet: Interview with Mira Franchi

What products did you introduce at the 2016 ICE?

It has become a nice tradition to participate at the world’s greatest gaming show for Endorphina and to praise ICE audience with presenting our novelties. This year we introduced 3 brand new video slots: enigmatic and mysterious Voodoo, dazzling fruity 7 Bonus Up! and unique Twerk. While we were more than happy to get many positive feedbacks on all of them, there is always a game that stands out the most, and it was the Twerk slot that took the garland and the visitors’ minds. The slot is the first one to feature the modern dance craze and you can see the perfect twerk performance at the Bonus Game, where the girls compete in the Dance Battles and demonstrate their best moves.

How would you describe the player of the future and how are you adapting your product offering to cater to this new player?

In our highly technological society, where people are always in a hurry and are always seeking for something newer – the companies in every field should keep up the life fast rhythm and even to foresee it’s evolution. When we talk about future player, we most probably see younger player and more women involved using on-the-go-gaming technologies. I would say that the player of the future main trait is that he/she is demanding; gets bored very easily and is thriving for the most leading-edge technologies used in the games. To cut it short, if the game is let’s say about space, the player should feel like he’s inside of  a spacecraft going to the Moon.

“Further gamification of slot games is something to watch out for”

Mobile and online gaming, once synonymous with innovation, have become common currency. What new ways of innovating will the industry see in the coming years?

Gaming will continue to evolve to ensure the most immersive gaming experience possible: starting with vanguard game theme ideas to then accomplish it with outstanding implementation with great attention paid to the minimal details. Of course further gamification of slot games is something to watch out for.

One more important aspect we should keep in mind is that on-the-go-gaming is definitely where the future for the industry lies.

Apart from a strong presence of both eSports and omni-channel gaming, what were the highlights of ICE 2016?

I would like to remark Endorphina twerk team performances. Every hour the girls delivered a great dancing show making the whole ICE huge crowd stop and have their eyes on them. Another highlight that inevitably worth mentioning is the Game to Watch Competition, which was held for the second time by the ICE organizers. It took place on the second day of ICE as part of the Game Design & Development Conference program and it’s my pleasure to say that Endorphina’s Satoshi’s Secret was a finalist of 4 games chosen from a few hundred for the Game To Watch Competition becoming one of the top-ranked, successful games in the industry.

How do you assess your participation in the 2016 edition of ICE?

Our team is thrilled with the results of our participation at the latest ICE edition. Not only our new games have received a tremendous reception, our innovative Satoshi’s Secret was shortlisted for the Game To Watch Competition, but also our twerk dance show was very successful. Surely almost everyone at ICE 2016 either has stepped by at our stand or has heard about us.

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