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Have you entered the world of Endorphina games? We have and we love the fact that it is driven by passion, thrill, excitement and joy. That's why we have decided to meet lovely Št­ěpánka Chmelařová, the Marketing Manager at Endorphina, and find out more about this innovative software provider. If you still haven't tried spinning the reels on their slots, we sure think you will as soon as you finish reading this interview.

1. Recently, you've attracted a lot of attention with the bitcoin themed slot, Satoshi's secret. What are the reactions so far?

I've been over the moon last few days. We've received such great comments from both the players and our clients. We decided not to make a big deal of the release as we introduced the game this spring already but our clients and other independent sites have been doing the PR job for me. 

2. Taking into account the growing popularity of Bitcoin Casinos, what do you think the future holds for this cryptocurrency?

It was only recently when I started getting to know more information about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general and I have to say that I can see a huge potential here; especially for international transactions. They're not linked to exchange rates and there are no country-to-country transaction fees.

I'm seriously thinking about getting a BTC wallet as there are more and more places where to pay with this cryptocurrency in Prague; such as OKO cinema where I went for this AppParade (a Czech event where people introduce their new mobile app ideas) event earlier this week.

3. You've entered the Asian market, and also expanded in the Europe ensuring you are present world-wide. This led us to wonder which market is Endorphina's niche, actually?

It's difficult to answer this question as we found out that different games are popular in different countries. To give you an example, in Netherlands, they play Wild Fruits slot a lot, the rest of Europe seems to like the Fairy Tale slot, Russian players prefer all of our older fruit slots such as Fresh Fruits slot and The Emirate slot.

Because our game topics vary a lot, you are right that we are able to attract gamers worldwide. We would like to expand into South America and Asia as we see big potential there. 

4. So far, Endorphina has launched only video slots. Do you have plans to enrich your offer with other casino games? Or perhaps develop a progressive slot?

Our focus is just on the slots for now. There has been a discussion about developing a progressive slot but no conclusion has been made yet. Me personally, I believe here will be one from Endorphina in the future but probably not any time soon.  

5. All your slot games have the same RTP, 96%. Are you planning to vary your slots, and change the RTP in the future? 

The fix RTP of 96% works well for Endorphina slots. We don't plan to make any changes but we're always ready to react to the current situation and demand. 

6. You've got the Macarons slot for all your players with the sweet tooth, and then there is the Sushi slot for those who fancy raw fish. Are you planning to launch any other foody slots? Something spicy, maybe?

Our developers have been working on several new slots but none of them is foody as far as I know. But I can reveal that there will be some animals' slots, some mystic, and some funky ones. So as you can tell, we carry on in our tendency to create games with various topics to please players with different interests from different parts of the world. 

7. We've got the impression that Geisha is your most popular slot. Do you perhaps consider it to be your trademark? If not, which one is in your opinion?

You are right that Geisha slot is a popular one but Fairy Tale slot has been the most popular slot across all online casinos and countries. Saying that this trend can change very quickly with Satoshi's Secret slot.

8. My favourite Endorphina's slot is Origami. What’s yours?

The origami slot is a good one. It's that kind of slot that just makes your day. Especially when The Cat (multiplier) appears. It's difficult for me to pick one, but I really like the Macarons slot, it's sort of a girly slot – romantic Paris, engagement, and diamonds. Then there is Satoshi's Secret which is completely different. It's a slot that makes you think. You need to be smart and to have a strategy to be able to play this game. And it's so much fun to be a hacker.

9. Recently, you attended the Entertainment Arena Expo in Romania. How was the expo? Did you do well in EAE Awards?

It was good to be at EAE in Romania right now when the igaming sector is starting to develop and I'm really pleased that we won the "Product of the Year" category. We have more events in our minds; we'll exhibit at SiGMA and the Sales department is attending EiG, BAC, and Africa Summit in Johannesburg this autumn. 

10. We had to notice that you travel a lot, visiting conferences all around the world. Just recently there was also a conference in Kazakhstan. Do you enjoy travelling privately as well? What’s your favourite city?

I'm not a typical Czech holiday traveler who goes to Greece or Croatia to relax on the beach. When I go somewhere, I usually stay there for a bit. I've been to the States twice for 4 months, I lived in the UK for more than 2 years and I was exploring Middle East for nearly a month. Even though I love travelling, my favorite city is Prague where I've lived and where I always look forward to coming back to. 

We would like to take this chance and thank Št­ěpánka once again for sharing with us her thoughts on bitcoins, slots, and travelling. Hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we did.

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