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Our Sales Manager Sabrina shares our plans for CasinoBeats Summit, our beach party, and why we chose to open an office in Malta! Sabrina Sammut, our Sales Manager here at  Endorphina, has recently had an interview with Focusgn to dive into the details of our exciting plans for CasinoBeats Summit, what slot we've decided to showcase, our exceptional beach after-party, why we chose to open an office in Malta, and more! Sounds interesting? Take a look at the full interview with Focusgn below!

How are you preparing for the CasinoBeats Summit?

We are very excited to meet everyone again in Malta. We take this as an opportunity to meet everyone in person and connect with them! These last few weeks, the team has been busy organizing meetings not only for sales initiatives but also for marketing and account management. These departments will also be present at the event as we’ve been introducing more marketing projects and working with various partners to increase brand exposure to both players and business partners.

What products are you most eager to showcase?

This time, our focus at the summit will be on King of Ghosts. It has been an incredible last few months and we couldn’t be prouder. Players love this slot and we have seen an increase in players from different jurisdictions! There’s been longer playtime recorded with this game. Hence we chose to exhibit it at Casino Beats. Our booth is all about  King of Ghosts. We want people to see what Endorphina is made of and how we’ll continue to deliver high-quality games, every time. We believe this sets us apart from other providers as we put in a lot of effort and work behind each individual game to match the demands of every player out there.

You are also having a booth and you will be offering an exclusive beach party, what can you tell us about your expectations for the celebration?

Yes, brand exposure for us is very important. We welcome everyone to come to stop by if possible! Regarding the exclusive party, we wanted to give colleagues and partners a memorable night. We choose Nine Lives by the beach as the atmosphere will definitely put everyone in a great mood, especially with the amazing cocktails, great food, and lively music to accompany the evening. We feel that a wonderful atmosphere will be guaranteed. We are also celebrating our new offices in Malta. As we’re growing at an exceptional rate, what better way is there to celebrate this? The preparations behind the event are to make sure everyone has a wonderful evening and I have no doubt it will be a great time.

You also recently opened a new office in Malta, why did you choose the Malta location?

As we now have our MGA license and our client base has increased, we want to ensure that we give them excellent service throughout. It was important for Endorphina to have its presence in Malta, especially with having clients based here. Being based in Malta assures that we can continue to foster stronger relationships with our existing and future clients.

What markets is the company aiming to enter soon? Which ones are the most challenging?

We had a great start to the year as we entered several markets, including  Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Czechia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, and  Colombia, and we're still going! Our goal is to be present in all the regulated markets. We are working on entering a few more by the end of this year. The most challenging would be the process I must say. Each market has its own specifications and complications. We have an exceptional team based at our headquarters in Prague that does an exceptional job of handling this.

Will we be seeing you at CasinoBeats Summit? What about at our exclusive beach party? We hope so! Stay tuned for more news like this by following our social channels and  website

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