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Gretta, our Head of Account Management here at Endorphina, joins this interview with GBC-Time to discuss Endorphina's 2022 results, all we've achieved, our strategy, the most difficult moments, our biggest successes, and much more. Interested in all the juicy details? Be sure to read the full interview below!

GBC-TIME: 2022 was certainly not an easy year for any business. How did the past go for Endorphina studios? What is your strategy to endure hardships and turbulent moments? What goals did you manage to achieve this year?

GRETTA: The 2022 year was one of the hardest years as was already mentioned for all businesses. 

GBC-TIME: What were the highlights of the years and what were the hardest moments for the company? 

GRETTA: Despite all facts, Endorphina celebrated its 10th anniversary, managed to participate in all gaming events this year, won awards, and doubled in performance and employees.

GBC-TIME: What release could you name as the biggest success of 2022? Why? 

GRETTA: I will name a few releases as they were the best this year. Cyber Wolf, Dynamite MinerKing of GhostsLumberjack, and Book of Vlad. All games are interesting to play, catchy, and include our signature mechanics that showcase amazing results during the releases and after. Still one of the best-performing games for the selected markets. For a better understanding of the games, you can try the demo. For example, this is one that I like the most personally - 

GBC-TIME: What trends in slot development defined your work in 2022? What tendencies do you see rising to prominence in 2023? 

GRETTA: People's preferences are changing with the trends. This year, I found tendencies like The Rise of the Triple Accumulator, cash on the reels, and other new mechanics as well as the new engines for graphic changes. For 2023, I expect 3 technologies that will affect the design of slots and improve the user experience. Also, I think that the slot providers will continue with less bling and more high-end graphics. According to traditions, slots are known for incorporating bling in the user interface just to attract the attention of players. However, this trend will change in the future as game developers are more focused on creating immersive graphics rather than adding shiny symbols.

GBC-TIME: What was the role of collaborations for your company? What could you name as the partnership of the year? 

GRETTA: My personal highlight and partnerships of the year are the 888 brands and of course, the first projects that we launched for the new certified markets for Endorphina like Italy, the Czech Republic, and others. 2022 was a year focused on the certified markets and the number of new certifications and licenses increased from 10 to 27!

GBC-TIME: In 2022, your company was nominated for “Most Popular Slot” and “Best Provider” at the SlotWise Awards. What can you tell our readers about this experience? Do you plan to participate in any other gaming awards in 2023? 

GRETTA: The experience to be nominated for any award is always amazing and the feeling is incredible. Of course, we plan to be nominated and win all upcoming awards because we are 100% sure that our product deserves it.

GBC-TIME: What are your plans for 2023? What are your short-term and strategic goals for the next year? 

GRETTA: We will break into the year with the biggest exhibition (ICE London) which is very important for our industry. Whether you've just started following us or have been with us since the beginning, you can bet that we have something special planned for you at our stand N7-230. As usual, this event brings together industry professionals from around the globe to network, discuss heated topics, and grow together within the iGaming scene.

The KPIs and the main goals are set already for 2023, so the plan is to jump to a new level, be aligned with trends, and improve company-wide. This means new markets, new offices around the globe, and tons of new fresh ideas!

And that's a wrap! Thanks for staying tuned with us in this interview. For more updates, be sure to follow us on our social channels and website. 

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