Endorphina’s Head of Marketing interview for Bojoko


  • Endorphina’s interview for Bojoko

Recently, our very own Head of Marketing at Endorphina, Maria Bashkevich, was interviewed by the popular online casino game platform Bojoko to share some of our insights on our game creation process, our approach to trends, and what players can expect in the near future. 

Go through the interview to absorb how we at Endorphina think and create from a marketing perspective and exactly how we keep our players in mind throughout the process.

What are three reasons why players should choose your games?

One of our biggest reasons for players is our portfolio. Our portfolio is incredibly versatile, meaning we have both traditional and innovative themes, high and low volatility games mixed within both simple and complicated gameplay. This way, everyone can find a game they like for themselves. 

Also, our RTP is at 96%. This stays the same across our entire customer’s network. When you play any game at one casino, and then go to another, it will behave the same way. Casinos aren’t allowed to manipulate any of the settings in our games. We stand by our values of transparency and honesty.

Last but not least, we have huge payouts. We’ve got a huge collection of proven big wins from real players. You can see, for example, an amazingly big win in our Mongol Treasures slot! With these three combined, among many others, is the reason why players continue to choose us. 

Who's your main target audience?

Players who understand the slots. This is the audience whom we are targeting the most, and who reacts best when it comes to our new releases. 

How do you decide on the themes of your new slots? What's your process?

When creating a brand new slot, research comes first. Our team analyses all our previous results, does thorough research into our own trends, the social trends, feedback from clients and players, and the latest news. We’re always considering our players' backgrounds and unique cultural aspects to match and maintain their interests. 

Afterwards, we pick the theme. Sometimes, the theme is decided upon the market's requirements, and other times, it’s based purely on social trends – like vaping or twerking.

Is there a theme that you are itching to tap into?

Personally, I was really excited about the Christmas game. Last Christmas, we’ve released our very first festive slot in our collection called Book of Santa game and it truly met all my expectations :)

Are there any current trends that intrigue you enough to possibly make a slot for?

I can assure you that all of them are already in our roadmap for 2020-2021, and a lot of these themes seem very interesting to me. To be honest, I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of our creative teamwork. 

What do you think is the perfect recipe for a great slot game? Mention a few factors.

Unfortunately, there is no"perfect slot." As all players are different, they are looking for different things in slots. For example, sometimes someone prefers risk and high volatility while someone else just wants to be entertained. Another person could prefer old-school vibes while the other is more keen on innovative themes, and so on. Each kind of player needs a specific game. That's why providers should have a very versatile portfolio to meet all players' needs.

For me personally, however, it’s a slot with a reach theme (I prefer adventure slots), good attention to details, attractive HD graphics, exciting gameplay, med-high volatility, doesn’t bother players, but gives the right music vibe and effects. I like when the slot has several features that keep me engaged.

Do you differentiate between mobile and desktop versions, or do you create the same experience on both channels?

The difference is in the user interface and the technical aspects, but the math, graphics, and the gaming experience is the same in both versions. 

Why did you jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon early?

There was tremendous growth with this technology and crypto casinos. We just couldn't ignore that. 

For the same reason, we've created the Satoshi's Secret slot that was the first-ever bitcoin game that was fully related to an encrypted world of 0s and 1s. 

And we've still got it right, as the popularity of bitcoin casinos is still increasing today. 

What do you think the future holds for cryptocurrencies and their use in the gaming industry?

From my point of view, the popularity of bitcoin casinos will grow. We can already see that more players are making bets with crypto in our slots. But the success of any casino depends on choosing the target market correctly, understanding how they operate and how they treat their users. In some markets, crypto casinos won't be so popular for now, and it's what everyone should keep in mind. 

Is there a slot game that's taken you by surprise due to its sudden popularity?

Actually, all our forecasts for game performance in different markets are very accurate. Thanks to the experience we've got, we can highly and accurately predict a game’s popularity :) 

But I can recall that the Mongol Treasures slot release was something that surprised me. We were creating this for a specific market's needs, and were surprised by the fact that in an absolutely different region, players literally fell in love with it. It was a delightful surprise :)

What is your number one achievement or game that you're most proud of?

It's hard to say. On a particular company year, we had different important milestones. For example, 5 years ago, it was the Minotauros slot release - the game with absolutely unique math, that is still loved by players, thanks to the streamers that showed the potential of this game. 3 years ago, it was getting the MGA license, last year it was the ending of GLI testing and our Book of Santa game release, and now it's our new engine that will allow us to create new games and try new mechanics. 

In total, I'd say that our main achievement is the growth of the company in this highly competitive field. And I'm talking not only about the profits, but also the size of the company and the number of loyal players. It's amazing how from a group of 10 passionate people, this company increased to 60+ professionals who are daily doing their best for releasing new games, entering new markets, and increasing positions on existing projects.

Most of your slot games have an RTP of 96%. Are you planning on varying it in the future?

All our games on all casinos have a RTP of 96%. As for now, we are not planning to change that as this percentage works well for us, our players, and our clients. 

What kind of games can we look forward to from you in the future? Are you planning some special features?

On the 16th of June, we'll release a very futuristic game - The Rise of AI slot, that will tell you the story about a post-pandemic future. This game will bring players right into a new cyber world packed with robots, cyborgs, neon lights, and many uncertainties. The potential of this game together with the popular theme, I hope, will be warmly welcomed by players :) 

Also, we are planning an exciting series of slots. I can't reveal all the details just yet, but from what I saw, I can tell you that it will be a series of bombastic releases! I have to stop here before revealing more, but be sure to follow us on social media to be the first to know about our future releases :) 

What does the future hold for the company?

New themes, new features, new players, and absolutely new markets! We have great plans for this and next year at Endorphina – so our players definitely have an exciting near future to look forward to which holds loads of pleasant gifts :) 



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