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Happy International Women’s Day to all the special and incredible women out there! For us here at Endorphina, we took this time to show our wonderful women some appreciation and to hear their personal journeys and stories at work! 

Zoe, Sales Manager:

Why did you choose to join the iGaming industry as a sales manager? 

In general, I enjoy connecting with people through bringing value to them with effective communication. In the iGaming industry especially, it’s challenging with all the technical, legal and operational aspects. It’s a very rewarding experience working with clients from all over the world and working with different departments to be top-notch.

Virginia, Account Manager:

Why did you choose to become an Account Manager?

I think the profession chose me, I always say. I am happy to see the people, I work with, are pleased about my work. Account management allows me to be creative with my words, actions, and ideas. I remember the first time I did my first promotional campaign. All my ideas were implemented and the campaign was quite successful. This was when I realised that I was in the right place both professionally in my career and within the company. I will add that I work with the most amazing people, and they have helped me grow in many ways. 

How do you face challenges at work?

I think this has more to do with my own personal management skills. Challenges come and go and so when I am faced with one, my initial response is to remain calm, find the source of the problem, find solutions and then implement the best one. This is easier said than done I will agree, but from a business point of view, it is a disservice to the company if I behave in any other way. 

How do you stay motivated?

When asked this question, I jokingly said, “Daily expenses keep me motivated.” On a serious note, my motivation comes from the drive to perform better than I did the previous day. I look for ways in which I can produce work that is both pleasing to me and favourable for the company.

Svetlana, Recruiter:

Why did you choose to become a Recruiter and to join the gaming industry?

I think the main reason, I have decided to become a recruiter, is that I like communicating with people and having conversations about new and interesting topics in different industries like IT, marketing, sales, business and so on. The gaming industry is one of the most dynamic and active industries which grows fast with very interesting ideas and concepts.

What is your way of facing all the challenges at work? How do you stay motivated?

Well, I think that each challenge has its solution that should be found. So instead of focusing on challenges, I'm focusing on solutions.

Victoria, Social Media Manager:

Why did you choose to become a Social Media Manager?

I love social media and contributing to it! Chatting with people online, sharing a little bit of humor (or even tons of humor!), endless creativity, and being able to communicate with anyone across the entire planet. 

What is your way of facing all the challenges at work? 

It is super easy to get distracted while working on social media. That's why I carefully plan all my daily/weekly/monthly tasks and track them constantly. 

How do you stay motivated?

No one can doubt that social media can be negative. And sometimes it frustrates you a lot and you want to give up. My Endorphina team helps me to keep a positive attitude as all of them are very nice people, so I keep myself calm and happy. I think a positive approach to anything is key!

Anastasia, HR:

Why did you choose to become an HR manager and to join the gaming industry?

I never thought I would join the gaming industry, it was a big surprise for me too! Before Endorphina, I divided my working time between immigration & relocation services, and career counselling and assistance at the city municipality. At my main previous job, I loved to care about my team - I was responsible for various administrative errands and mentoring of new employees. But I have reached the top of my career there. There was no way for me to grow, and I decided I want to change that. HR management in an international company was a logical choice for me - I also wanted to use my knowledge of Labour Code and immigration law, as well as my career counselling and language skills. I started to look for opportunities and I found Endorphina. You know the result - I am happy to be here! 

What is your way of facing all the challenges at work? How do you stay motivated?

The ability to admit I am not a know-it-all is crucial, I am a human being who is constantly learning new things. I love challenges, they help me to grow personally and professionally. If we speak about motivation, the people at Endorphina and their support help me to stay motivated, every person here is unique, and that is very inspiring. 

What are your dreams and plans for the future?

First of all, I want to finish all the small projects I am involved in and relax for a bit in my spare time. I cannot predict the future, but I already have a plan for the next few months - I plan to enroll into an HR Academy and finish some Internet courses on career management.

There you have it. A great peek into the lives of our Endorphina women who are constantly keeping us inspired and motivated! We wish you all success, happiness, and tremendous professional growth! 

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