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Gamblerpick’s editorial team met our CEO, Jan Urbanec, to discuss how iGaming Companies (and Endorphina in particular) deal with the Coronavirus Crisis. He shared some details of the remote work, impact of the current situation on the gambling industry, the team’s creative process and his expectations of the future.

Endorphina’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic effects

According to Jan, the company started preparing itself for the possible outcome since the first week of February, even before going to London for ICE. They have also bought a bunch of masks beforehand. 

The transition to remote work was smooth, as the workflow wasn’t disturbed. It seems that everyone has been able to pick up where their tasks had been left.

“We are a flexible company and we can react fast in the face of new challenges.”

Impact of the current situation on the gambling industry

Jan believes that the industry as a whole seems to be managing quite well and despite the cancellation of the sport events, even betting operators diversified their product offerings to mitigate their losses. 

“Endorphina is in a privileged position. We have a digital product that is not affected by external events and we control the delivery as long as the internet is working.”

How is Endorphina’s team coming up with out-of-box ideas?

Speaking of the creative process, Jan pointed out that Endorphina’s team is full of people who are used to thinking differently, and that doesn’t apply to just the developers and game designers, but also to the marketing team, who is always keen to bring the amazing stunts to the events and execute them perfectly. 

“The execution of those ideas is a big team effort where everyone plays either a big or small role. These ideas drive the team to engage and deliver more than their standard duties.”

Plans for the future

Endorphina’s CEO assured the editorial team that the company has a series of exciting projects connected to a theme, coming out later this year. He also added that any fan of the classical slots won’t be disappointed.

Exploring new markets is also one of the priorities for the company, seeing the current semi-dormant state of the governments (regarding the gaming regulation processes and applications, of course). That might be a tricky challenge for the compliance team, but Jan is sure that nothing can stop our efforts. 

“They're (the players) asking us when our games will be present in their favorite online casinos and that we need to come to their jurisdiction the proper way.”

To read Jan's detailed answers to the questions mentioned above and more about the creative process of the team, please visit the Gamblerspick website.

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