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We'd like to introduce Džangar Jesenov, Compliance Manager at Endorphina. We got a unique opportunity to get to know the company's Compliance Department and interview him regarding his take on the 2022 year for Endorphina. Listen in on what Dzangar reveals about Endorphina's 2022 year in a nutshell, how the legal and compliance departments push the company forward, entering 17 new markets, and more! Interested in details? Be sure to read the full interview below:

Today, I, Kateryna Goi, Head of Marketing at Endorphina, will be the main interviewer.

Kateryna: Hi Džangar, hello and thank you so much for taking the time to chat a bit about this year. I'm very curious to hear everything you have to say. To begin, I'd be interested to know how you see 2022, what does it all mean to you?

Džangar: Hi Kateryna, the pleasure is on my side even if it may sound a bit banal, but for our department, this year is far from over and we still have about 2 days to finish something, so no early holidays as you can see. 

If I had to say in a nutshell what 2022 meant to me, it is certainly the evolution of our entire society in a very professional way. Some of the cases we encountered during the year were exemplary. In practice, this means that we analyzed the current situation, set objectives, a roadmap, and a list of participants explained the process, and achieved the predefined objectives with the required quality within the planned timeframe, amazing!

Kateryna: I agree, and I have to say that we have all experienced many significant events during the year born out of the commitment of the Legal and Compliance Departments. Could you please give us a little bit of insight into some of the tangible results?

Džangar: Sure, as you know me, I am very detail-oriented and in my opinion, if the processes are set up correctly down to the smallest details, then the big and, as you say, tangible results will not wait.

During the year, we achieved several milestones that moved the company forward. For example, we achieved international ISO 27001 certification, which demonstrates that information security management throughout Endorphina is robust. Subsequently, we expanded the security team and received a positive Cybersecurity rating from a globally recognized testing laboratory. We were so interested in the field of security that our team successfully passed the exams and became part of ERCA (European Register of Certified Auditors). And lest I forget, we entered 17 new jurisdictions in 12 months.

Kateryna: What?! And you're just saying that casually as if 17 new markets are not a lot. Please tell me more about that, how did you manage to do all that in one year?

Džangar: The topic of entering the new markets is a chapter in itself, we could talk about it for hours and hours…. Each market is unique and we have to prove to the local Gaming authority that we absolutely meet the requirements and have the processes in place to continue to maintain the required level of professionalism. As I mentioned at the beginning, the details play a vital role, if you get the details right, you have a huge advantage against the competition.

One of my personal motivations is also to expand our team of colleagues because every new market that opens up requires professional care and attention from colleagues in other departments, which expands teams and offers great career opportunities.

Kateryna: I totally agree with what you say and thank you for your honest answer. Could you please give us a little bit more of your vision for the future, how do you see next year?

Džangar: From my point of view, next year will be a successful year for the entire Entertainment and Gambling industry. I believe that there will be an increase in overall turnover and, at the same time, an increase in regulatory requirements for all participants in this segment. The new criteria will make it more challenging to enter new jurisdictions and more difficult to remain among authorized companies. It is similar to trust - it is very hard to gain it, but you can lose it in an instant.

Our goal is to strengthen professionalism in order to increase the confidence of our customers, partners, and all those who come into the contact with Endorphina.

Kateryna: I think this is a nice ending, thank you very much and I wish all the future plans to come true, thank you so much for taking part in this interview.

Thanks for tuning in to our latest interview! For more inside scoops and news, be sure to follow us on social media and check our website.

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