About Electronic Slot Machines

What’s the history behind electronic slot machines?

Slot machines originally started out as the one-armed bandit, a nickname it received due to its lever mechanism. Players had to pull down this lever manually in order for the reels to spin. Nowadays, however, technology has injected itself into practically every area of society including the igaming world. With the advancement of such technology, slot machines as we’ve always known it has begun to evolve and in turn, electronic slot machines have appeared.

Electronic slot machines seem to be a direct result of the technological shift to make slots more interactive, convenient, intuitive and interesting for the players. Who started this revolution? Bally Manufacturing (also known as Bally Entertainment) is an American company that created Pinball, but they’ve also revolutionized the world of slots by creating the first electronic slot machine called “Money Honey” in 1963. They didn’t convert all of their slots into electronic ones, but held onto both ideas.

What sets these slots apart from their predecessor the one-armed bandit?

Electronic slot machines were simply more reliable and convenient to use. In 1996, however, WMS Industries, Inc. found another way to make these electronic slots even more desirable and attractive. They developed a series of electronic slots called “Reel ‘Em In,” which proved to be a success amongst gamblers. These new series of slots provided the players with a second screen and gave them the opportunity to win bonuses that never existed before.

Another feature that sets electronic slots apart from their mechanical counterpart is that they offer more paylines. These new slots can offer players 30-50 paylines instead of just one in the middle of the screen, as the standard previously was. With this new addition, it soon won the heart of many players.

The introduction of random number generators.

Another step for these electronic slots was the introduction of its virtual wheels. International Game Technology, a multinational gaming company, was the first to use random number generators (RNG) in their slots. This means that the random number generators simulate the spinning of reels and produce results at complete random. With this, machines no longer needed a lever. This created greater variation and a larger build up for a winning jackpot – also known as the progressive jackpot slot machines.

In the 1990s, casinos soon began following the online shift and transformed many of their slots online. These modern new slots were able to start a kind of “casino revolution,” offering players a completely exciting and new experience.

What is the timeline and summary on these electronic slot machines?

•   First originated in 1963

•   “Money Honey” was the first electronic slot machine

•   In 1996, WMS Industries, Inc. created a series of electronic slots “Reel ‘Em In” which enabled special bonuses and a second screen

•   Random Number Generator (RNG) was a huge step for the machines

•   Can offer players 30-50 paylines

•   Start of the Jackpot Slot Machines

•   Shifted to online slot machines

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