Will you be able to track down the last amazing crystal skull?


  • Endorphina's new slot release

  • Crystal Skull

Join a courageous antique investigator on a journey to uncover the last of all lost secrets and ancient crystal skulls for his gorgeous artifact collection, full of adventure and surprises. The Crystal Skull legend has it that each skull contains mysterious properties that may be exploited to your advantage to earn as much money as you can imagine. Some believe that skulls are evidence of alien encounters and that they may reveal secrets of our globe that were formerly guarded by the Ancient Mayan civilization.

This is a daring 3-row, 5-reel, 25-payline skull slot. The game offers the Classic Risk Game and a Bonus Pop feature. 

Will you investigate the story for yourself? Will you be able to locate the final surviving skull? Endorphina's newest Crystal Skull slot leaves no stone untouched!


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