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  • the Rise of AI slot release

  • futuristic-themed game release

… and a malicious AI rules humanity.

Get a taste of what it’s really like in the year 2050 inside our newest cyberpunk slot, The Rise of AI.

In this post-apocalyptic slot, you’ll experience first-hand what life will be like after the hit of a global pandemic. Totally consumed by the virus, few that remain decided to create an ultimate AI to keep them safe from another catastrophe. This AI X-50 was supposed to be their saviour, but it had different plans. It gained power, took over the world, and automized nearly everything it could. Most people lost their jobs, live under the poverty line, and are struggling to survive. To keep society afloat, the AI randomly gives away some money.

But there is some hope. A young hacker with his cyborg friend is trying his best to hack the code to save humanity… Will they succeed? Will they stop this AI and lead humanity to a brighter future? All the answers are in our newest neon slot – try it yourself here.

We are continuing to expand our unique game portfolio with stimulating and engaging new themes. With this new slot, we’re diving into a trending theme - cyberpunk. What makes this release special is its great features like its random multiplier and our classic Risk Game and, of course, the great potential of the game.

Like other new titles - Asgardians, Windy City, and Troll Haven – the Rise of AI is created on our new engine that increases the loading speed, makes the user experience even more comfortable, and allows players to enjoy the thrilling excitement of gambling even more.

Whether you’re new to our games or an old-time fan, we encourage you to try our newest slot in this fantastic cyberpunk and futuristic atmosphere.

Don’t fear the future, make the future fear you!

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