History and Technology behind Casino Slots

Some insight and history on how it all began

Casino slots originated in 1887 by an American named Charles Fey created the Liberty Bell machine – a simple three reels and five symbols slot which incorporated the Liberty Bell as one of its main symbols. This casino slot had a lever mechanism which needed to be pulled by the players in order for the reels to spin – often being referred to as the one-armed bandit.

Over time, these games have become more sophisticated, went electronic and then virtual. This means that the spins were no longer triggered by the pull of a lever, but now with just a push of a button or by the click of a mouse. Casino slots have gathered attention and have been adopted into modern casinos, helping to bring in approximately 60% of all slots’ gambling revenue in the US.

The rise of electronic slot machines

Electronic slot machines dominate casino slots because they are simply more reliable and convenient to use compared to its predecessor – the one-armed bandit. In 1996, however, WMS Industries, Inc. found another way to make these casino slots even more desirable and attractive. They developed a series of electronic slots called “Reel ‘Em In,” which proved to be a success amongst gamblers. These new series of slots provided the players with a second screen and gave them the opportunity to win bonuses that never existed before. Nowadays, you can spot these types of casino slots in majority of casinos worldwide.

How do these machines work?

Modern casino slots function on a computer program which randomly selects the winning combinations (also called a random number generator - RNG). The slot can come with a minimum of 3 reels which will display symbols, and the reels will stop on the chosen automated number. The main idea is to get a winning combination to line up the three (or more) symbols on the reels.

How much money could you get back from these casino slots? Return to Player (RTP) is a term that casinos use to describe the percentage a game pays out to players over time. It also lets you know how much money the casino is taking and what the house advantage of the game is. For example, a casino slot with 95% RTP will pay out $95 for every $100 wagered. This means that the casino is taking $5 for every $100 that the players put in.

Interested in seeing what the top 10 casinos are in the world?

Here you are:

  • The Venetian Macao – Macau, China.
  • Foxwoods Resort Casino – Connecticut, USA.
  • MGM Grand Casino – Las Vegas.
  • Bellagio – Las Vegas.
  • The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino – Las Vegas.
  • Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas.
  • Wynn – Las Vegas.
  • Wynn – Macau, China.
  • Grand Lisboa – Macau, China.
  • Casino de Monte Carlo – Monaco
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