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We're always fascinated with online iGaming affiliates and love what they do. That's why we at ES decided to focus on this topic of casino affiliates and take it a little deeper with Aleksandra Andrišaka, the Communications Manager at Slotsjudge! In this exclusive interview, we ask Aleksandra about her know-how on affiliates, what an ideal affiliate article looks like, and what players are most interested in when it comes to online casino content. Ready to dive in?

Why are more casino affiliates increasingly writing about slots?

Hello, and thank you for having me for this interview. People around the globe have been playing games from the very beginning of civilization and are always dreaming of being blessed with riches by pure luck. This is where games of chance come into play. They take many forms, from trivial rock-paper-scissors to mathematically complicated poker and blackjack, however here, at Slotsjudge, we have decided to focus our whole website on the world of slots.  In the wide assortment of games available in online casinos, slots are the most abundant. More than 25 thousand slots already exist, and each month around 300 new ones are released - there are many games to choose from!  But players are not the only ones chasing novelties - we slot affiliates are looking for fresh releases to review and make our audience happy. Slot affiliate websites are the journalists of the casino world - it is the thrill of the chase to report first on a possible new hit game. 

What's more important for casino affiliates to write about - the casinos or the games?

Both are important since choosing a game and where to play it is a constant choice every player makes. The choice is too vast in both cases, and information in some cases is either absent or hidden in T&Cs that are too long. Affiliate websites save time by providing information on every possible aspect of gambling on a single portal.  Despite the name Slotsjudge, slots are not the only thing we write about. We don't want our audience to fall in love with the game without knowing where to play it for real money. After reading a slot review, all visitors can pick a casino to their liking where a particular game is available. 

Why do players need to know as much as possible about casino slots?

Playing slots without being educated about them is like buying a car without knowing what an engine is. Of course, anybody can hop in the car and just start driving (and it could be fantastically fun!), but, if you want to be efficient, you need trustworthy data to base your decisions on.  There is also a responsible gaming aspect to this - with information, players can always choose the desired level of risk, as represented by the slot's volatility, and find out what theoretical return they can expect from a game in the long run, as represented by slot's RTP (Return to Player). When gambling, it is easy to get lost in the game, and slot reviews help you find out what to expect from a gaming session.   

Why should a slot affiliate website be available when demos are already available on the provider's site?

First, every affiliate website provides independent expert opinions about each game. Information about a slot on the provider's website might be biased, and everybody loves their product for an absolutely good reason! However, there is a reason to look for information beyond marketing materials - an independent source describes the good, the bad, and the ugly without a need to soften the edges.  At Slotsjudge, we have a powerful team of writers and editors with decades of iGaming experience combined. They have tested hundreds of slots from countless game providers and are providing valuable third-party insights. We are not affiliated with any slot providers (meaning we do not receive monetary compensation for good reviews with high ratings), and everything we write is based only on professional expertise and personal opinion. This is incredibly valuable for our audience. Secondly, such a website gathers information all around the slots world in one place, and you don't need to hop around ten browser tabs to check out all the latest releases. Slotsjudge constantly adds new game providers and slots reviews, and you only need one bookmark ;)

What's the importance of offering free play demos for players?

Have you ever bought a classy suit or a cocktail dress without trying it on? Everybody can try, but the results are hit or miss. You either are in awe of this lucky purchase or are mad at yourself because you can't button up your shirt. The same goes for slots - if somebody is going to deposit into a casino and have real money fun, they better try the game risk-free before making their first bet.  Let's also not forget about casual players playing for fun, with no money involved. There is no need to register in a casino or to grab a wallet to try your own luck at slots. 

What are players most interested in reading about when it comes to slots?

Based on our experience, players are most interested in mathematics (statistical values such as RTP, volatility, and a possible maximum win from a particular game) and everything related to bonuses. Free spins, bonus rounds, and extra features are where everybody can try their luck to the fullest. Information about slot payout is also incredibly important because lines and combinations of symbols affect the game's outcome.  Of course, visitors of Slotsjudge love not only to read but also to participate! Our own SJ club allows users to receive points for activities on the website and redeem them for cash prizes. And who doesn't love a good old drama in the comments?

What does the ideal article look like for casino affiliates?

Content is king, and every article that is entertaining and useful to a reader is ideal. It goes without saying that the article should give a unique and personal perspective on the topic. The review must be honest and talk about the subject's good and bad aspects, provide trustworthy facts, and have beautiful visuals. Exactly like we have on ;) 

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