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To start the 2020 year off right, we’ve come out with a completely new game – Cash Tank slot!

If you’re craving the taste of real victory and to get your hands on some extremely memorable wins, this casino game can definitely feed and entice your needs. Inside these reels, you can meet our cigar-smoking Major Cash Tank, who’ll lead you into a wealthy world of jewels, gold, and lots of cash – only if he deems you worthy, of course.

What makes this game additionally special is that we presented it at ICE 2020 and supported it with our huge promo. When we say huge, we mean it. We actually brought in our very own Major Cash tank (all 17 tons of it) that was able to shoot out some cash to our visitors.

Interested in seeing if you’re worthy of our Cash Tank and its enticing massive wins? Try your luck for yourself and play now!

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