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Lohith Chittajallu, our Sales Manager at Endorphina, just had an interview with the one and only BitcoinCasinoKings to spill some insight on what Endorphina's journey has been like these past 10 years, our creative process for creating slots, how we stand out from competitors, our take on crypto games, and more! If you're interested, be sure to read the full interview below:


Thank you for sitting down with me to answer some questions about Endorphina and the great games you and your team are making. First off, a huge shout-out to you and your team. Endorphina just celebrated its 10th anniversary, so congratulations on that! Tell us a little bit about that journey; where you guys started versus where you are now. 

Thank you Bitcoin Casino Kings for the opportunity. We are quite excited to reach 10 years in the industry by entertaining players and providing value to our operators with our games. Personally, it’s not quite long ago that I joined the company but I am very proud to be part of this achievement and witness this incredible milestone. Endorphina as a company not only grew in terms of games portfolio but also our reputation of delivering great and reliable content. We managed to open offices in Malta, outside of the Czech Republic where we are based, and planning to open more new locations to maintain our sustainable growth and direct relationships with our partners. We also outgrew in terms of the regulated markets, making us the largest and most prominent slot game provider out here in the market. But the biggest shout-out goes to our talented team of professionals from around the world who got us what we are today. 

Your team recently released Rooster Fury Dice, and I was a huge fan of the original. I find the battle (versus) feature to be very innovative compared to other online slots I’ve seen. The online slot “Twerk” also has this feature. Can you walk us through a bit of the creative process of how your talented team comes up with these innovative ideas for games? 

There is no hard & fast rule on how we design our games. For us, it is very important to capture our audience’s attention. Also, spotting the right trends is crucial to building the right games with special mechanics and engaging features. Our high attention to detail in our graphics and sound effects helps us to provide a smooth playing experience for each type of player. With the operator's help, we align to maximize every month’s release to create and share a diversified portfolio.

2022 saw no shortage of new game providers hitting the markets. What would you say helps Endorphina continue to separate itself from its competitors? 

Endorphina is a premium online slot provider. Our attention to detail towards gaming characters, the storyline, graphics, and soundtracks set us apart as a distinguishing character in the industry. Our constant advancements in in-game features, customization & handing over selective choices to the players help our player retention and brand equity among our operators. I personally love our unique feature of easter eggs in our games which enhances the game experience toward the building storyline as you play.

Piggybacking off of that, all these providers are releasing new slots every week. What steps does your team take to ensure you continue to see success with your games? And what does that success look like? Are there measurable variables you take into account? 

Interesting question, the best way to prevent piggybacking is that we stick to the originality of our game storyline, characters, and game engines. Because no matter what, it’s not possible to replicate the originality of our games. This is how we've maintained our success over 10 years in the industry and our market expansion quest. In terms of metrics, there is no one such metric to measure. As it depends on the markets and player criteria that we are referring to measure our success variables. However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to our player loyalty and our game serving their entertainment requirements. 

I saw that Endorphina now has over 2,500 global partners. That’s fantastic! Congratulations again on your continued success and growth. Players are really enjoying your games at top crypto casinos. Has your team noticed any variable differences in how your games are accepted in crypto markets versus other (fiat-only) markets? 

Yes, thanks again for the acknowledgment. Reaching 2,500 global partners is one of the testimonies of our success and we intend to work even harder toward achieving our goal and diversifying our game portfolio. Well, based on current statistics, more and more players are going toward bets with crypto in our slots. The number of crypto players and casinos has increased exponentially over the years and I see that number only jacking up in the future.

Personally, I am sure that the success and popularity of any casino depend on correctly choosing the target market and the various ways to reach our players. This leads us to the conclusion that the popularity of crypto casinos is increasing. Interesting fact, once a player won 50 BTC in our Satoshi’s Secret slot - our first ever bitcoin slot game in the market that will let you discover the encrypted world of 0s and 1s. You can try the game HERE

Hence, no matter the future trends, Endorphina is ready to cater to the needs of crypto trends. 

Throughout this year, we noticed a trend of crypto players gravitating towards provably fair games. Are there plans for Endorphina to release any provably fair games in the near future? 

Endorphina always relied on its roots in designing slot games, which we are known for doing the best. But we have never closed ourselves to the idea if the situation ever demands based on the market requirements or compliance. We definitely are ready to address those requirements.   

Currently, Endorphina has over 100 slots available for play. What is your favorite Endorphina game that you’ve played, and why should we play it? 

It’s hard to choose a favorite when you work at Endorphina, which releases games that are even more engaging than the previous releases every single time. But if I had to choose a favorite, I would choose Goddess of War. Being an Indian myself, I think our designers successfully developed the essence of true Indian heritage with bright and dynamic graphics and character resemblances that are as real as the original or uncanny. To this day, I still keep rooting for the 3D visuals to pop up as I play the game.

To add to this interesting backstory, our designers spent 3 months traveling in India where they found the inspiration for the characters and game story. Now that I know, I see why this game has been my personal favorite.

You guys have racked up awards a number of high-profile awards. And, for a third time, congratulations! In 2022 alone, your team has won: 

How do you do it? To what do you owe all this success that you and your team are seeing? 

Thank you so much. These awards mean a lot for us at Endorphina, I am so happy to witness all these achievements during my time here and looking forward to more such awards in the near future.

I will keep it simple, I personally owe all this to our players for loving and supporting Endorphina games and our most talented team who made it possible from sketching an idea for the game to bringing the game live to the end player. Our constant focus on consistency, reliability, and trust among our players and partners are some of the key attributes that led to these high-profile awards. 

Speaking of SiGMA, one of the topics discussed this year was high volatility slots. Where does Endorphina stand on this subject? Do you continue to see players seeking out these high-volatility games, or do you think it's best to have a varied portfolio of slot games, as trends may shift at any given moment? 

There is no straight answer to this topic. Yes, several players do so seek high-volatility games but it’s also important to keep in mind the target market, compliance requirements, and addressing various players' interests. Players' interests do change geographically and in order to address those requirements, I think it’s good to have a varied portfolio of slot games.  

The end of the year is almost here, so I have to ask. What’s next for Endorphina and online slots as we head into 2023? What exciting things can we expect to see coming at us? 

This year, Endorphina was on a market expansion quest. On average, we've gotten a certification or a new license every three weeks! This is due to some new additions to the Endorphina team and the proper streamlining of work.

To keep up with this Success, we are planning to enter other interesting markets and release more streamlined games to these specific markets. So this means our players can enjoy titles from a diverse portfolio of 100+ games and countless unique slot features.

Well, thank you again for your time today, and congratulations on all the success Endorphina has seen. We wish you all the best, and I truly can’t wait to see what comes next from you and your team. 


Thank you for reading the full interview! For more Endorphina insights, be sure to follow our social channels and website for the latest inside scoops!

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