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Wanwisa Meenonthong, our Sales Manager here at Endorphina, just shared an interview with CasinoMentor to shed some insights of what is happening behind the scenes, how many games we’ve released, game categories we focus on, and what we are most proud of developing. For a detailed explanation, dive into the full interview below!

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Please introduce yourself, as well as Endorphina, its value, and mission.

I am Wanwisa Meenonthong, I have been working at Endorphina for more than a year. Endorphina is a B2B online slot games supplier. More precisely, Endorphina offers API integration to online casinos and platform providers/aggregators. Users can enjoy various online slot games in different themes with us. Our mission is to democratize slot games and to allow players to discover an extensive range of different games.

How many games have you released so far?

Endorphina is continuously working on releasing games to meet the market’s demand. We currently have 100+ games.

Can you tell us more about how Endorphina operates daily? What does a typical day at your office look like?

Endorphina is a customer-centric company. This means that we put our customers at the center of our focus and creative process. We also invest in innovation to offer new games on regular basis. So, our team regularly checks if there are any pending requests (we are using ticketing tools to prioritize them). Reactivity is the key to our business. In addition, we all work on keeping our partners happy and entering new markets. We aim to be a worldwide platform.

What game categories do you focus on?

Endorphina offers a wide range of online slot games. Our goal is to operate in all markets and find the way to every player in the world.

What game type are you most proud of developing and why?

We have different themes in our games where players can combine the pleasure of the slots with their passions (“Around the world” will give you a view of iconic monuments while “Little Panda” will give you cute panda bears). We are trying to provide our games with a story behind them.

What are the breakthrough innovations that your team has been achieving in these recent years?

Among signing and entering new markets constantly, our legal team is working hard to have our contracts compliant with regulations in different regions. We are also working hard on obtaining new licenses for new countries. Moreover, we give our users a very high level of privacy and comply with GDPR in Europe.

What markets do you find the most suitable for your game selection?

Providing online services, borders do not limit us, but some markets indeed have higher potential than others. Asian countries are flagged as “high po” (high potential), which is also true for some African countries. Categorizing the markets gives us an idea of where we should focus our efforts.

How do you stay updated with the latest game and software trends?

First, Endorphina tries to be present at many iGaming events so we can see what the trends and the innovation are. Second, I always read gaming newsletters and monitor what is happening in our business field. It is important to be up to date. A happy employee will always make a happy partner. Finally, our tech team monitors the trends, new software, and updates that may be interesting for Endorphina’s platform.

Let’s talk briefly about the future. What direction do you see Endorphina moving in these coming years?

There is a potential for vertical growth among horizontal growth with signing new clients and opening new markets. 

Do you have plans for particular products now, and do you plan to maintain a strong focus on live casino games or expand beyond this niche?

We believe that live casino games have a very high potential. But, depending on the upcoming opportunities, we might go deeper in our expansion. Time will tell…


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