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Our Khadija has just interviewed with Gamblers Connect, a leading online gaming news platform to dive into her role at Endorphina, the challenges she faces when negotiating a sale, Endorphina's target markets, and the most effective strategy to put an online slot developer on the global map. Additionally, she shares some great insight into the people skills required to be a successful sales manager and reveals some exciting plans for Endorphina in 2023! Interested in hearing all the details? Be sure to read the full interview below:

As a sales manager for one of the leading suppliers of iGaming entertainment, you are directly involved in one of the most important aspects of finding new potential clients. What are some of the biggest challenges you face when negotiating a sale?

Negotiations should be about finding solutions and adding value for all parties. We compromise our ability to identify mutually beneficial outcomes. Entering new markets with the right operator facilitates a more solid expansion in the market.

Are there any markets that you target in general?

I just joined the company and I am learning from all markets, with a focus on the Italian one, which we launched recently. So far, the feedback has been great! Providing the right content for the right markets is something we focus on a lot, and we have a wide range of games optimized for many. We're constantly growing and entering new markets, you can find our portfolio of games in most certified jurisdictions such as Malta, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia (Republika Srpska), Serbia, Germany, Belgium, Georgia, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic,  Switzerland, Bulgaria, Colombia, Portugal, Argentina Province of Buenos Aires, Hungary, Spain, South Africa, and many others.

Endorphina enjoys a reputation for constantly coming up with ground-breaking online slots that are always among the top picks for a lot of online casinos. What are some of the popular types of online slots that online casinos are mostly interested in?

Our top games change from market to market. Even though our Lucky series was one of our first, it remains one of the most popular. I would also recommend playing games like Cyber Wolf, The Vampires 2, Book of Vlad, and Crystal Skull. I really like the Hell Hot series with its exciting symbols and different pay line options, which allow players to be flexible with options. In general, we are very happy with how the games are performing in most markets.

Being successful at sales is mostly about knowing your customers. Do you have any preparation process, like conducting research for each online casino operator individually, or do you follow a general blueprint for all online casino operators?

We surely do deep research on every online casino, and we get to learn about their licenses, certifications, markets, and their needs to be able to offer them the appropriate games. It’s important to know your partner inside and out to provide the best solution for their operations. We work to build rapport and trust and we try to come across as friendly and likable. We love connecting with people and sharing our values.

Online gambling, especially advertising, is prone to several strict rules and regulations. Does this aspect of the industry make your job of finding potential clients harder?

A safe and regulated environment is very important for the industry and the players, where they can enjoy fully regulated entertainment. This helps to increase the reputation of the operators and software providers. Our main advertising is our clients' and end users' feedback on the quality and content of our games.

As a sales manager, you have probably the best insight into how to promote your brand. What is the most effective strategy to put an online slot developer such as Endorphina on the global map?

We have a big presence when it comes to events and conferences, where we participate in and sponsor different exhibitions. Come and meet me at ICE London at our STAND N7-230 and in Enada Rimini in March!

How important is having people skills as a sales manager, and how do you manage the professional relationship with such a great deal of operators?

Think of people skills as a toolbox from which you can draw to resolve an issue or influence an outcome. Some of these skills include communication, emotional empathy, self-confidence, and personal values. All the above skills in sales are important for building a good client relationship and helping build trust and long-lasting relationships with clients. I do manage the relationship by building a trustworthy and strong relationship.

Tell us a bit about yourself, like what is your favorite hobby, or do you have a favorite quote?

I am passionate and curious about traveling, discovering, and learning new things. One of my favorite quotes is "Opportunities don't happen, you create them." — Chris Grosser.

Lastly, are there any big plans for 2023?

Our plans for 2023 are to keep growing and entering as many regulated markets as possible. We will be delivering more content, growing our portfolio of games, and finalizing even more partnerships!


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