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BEST SPACE SLOTS 2020 | Release of ISS 2027 Slot Game


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  • release of 2027 ISS slot by endorphina

We are launching our new space-themed slot 2027 ISS into the iGaming world – continuing to expand our unique game portfolio with stimulating and engaging new themes. With this new slot, we focus on celebrating the details of the International Space Station (also known as the ISS). On April 12th, 1961, the first human space flight took place – paving the way for humanity’s space exploration. With this in mind, we’ve timed it perfectly to be released on the same day as the International Day of Human Space Flight for April 12th, 2017. 

What makes this release so special is that we would like to celebrate and promote the development and contribution of space science and technology. With all the programs and technologies currently in place, mankind has been taking off with its space explorations and development. 

Inspired by NASA, we warmly invite all players for an intergalactic gambling experience, where one can encounter futuristic technologies, witness extraordinary sights, and take on the challenge of seeing what it’s like to live out of this world through its engaging space-themed slot. Some of the symbols are also meshed with the gambling culture (dice, roulette, slots, cards/poker, and bingo) to still give you a feel for home back on Earth.

Lift off with your crew members and orbit the Earth while encountering the strange and the extraordinary. What will you bring back with you?


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