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Gretta Kochkonyan, our Head of Account Management at Endorphina, has just had an interview with SlotsMate to uncover impressions from SIGMA, some of Endorphina's biggest achievements yet, some of our upcoming or newest releases, what we are most successful in, and where all of our inspiration comes from. If you're interested, be sure to read the full interview below!


SlotsMate: We are really excited to have you here, Gretta Kochkonyan – Head of Account Management at Endorphina! We would like to begin this interview by letting our readers know more about yourself and about Endorphina.

Gretta: Hello everyone, it is my pleasure to give this interview to such an interesting audience. My name is Gretta and I am the Head of Account Management for the last few years at Endorphina. I've already given a lot of interviews sharing information about myself, but the main thing here is that I found the gambling industry, which is the fastest-growing and most dynamic industry that I've ever worked for.  My personal growth is super intensive and fast in the frame of this amazing and super creative company.


SlotsMate: We had a good time at SIGMA Malta 2022, but we are curious about your impressions. How was SIGMA for you?

Gretta: Let’s talk about that, yes! Honestly, I was super surprised by the number of attendees at the exhibition this year. From my point of view, this year's Sigma broke its own record in Malta. There were a lot of people lots of opportunities for networking, interesting events such as the Fun Run by Endorphina, and lots of other parties which were very enjoyable with the whole team.

We also made our own record as Endorphina had about 15 people from the company representing the brand and making deals immediately at the booth. I just wish Sigma grows more and more, a really good job was done.


SlotsMate: Your journey started in 2012, what would you say are the biggest achievements for Endorphina?

Gretta: It is always hard to talk about one specific achievement because we have a lot, but what I personally value is the stability within this fast-growing, environment – by growing I mean aspects like the game portfolio and the variety of the games. We jumped from 10 to more than 100 games during these past few years. Also our performance - the number of opened markets and obtained certificates as well as the size of our team and the new offices all over the world. It has just been 10 years, but look at the result! The past years show me that hard work does bring results, and from time to time at the expos or outside, I hear how our company is cool and creative and I am so proud to be a part of the Endorphina Family.

SlotsMate: We noticed your brand-new game releases. We played the demos and we are thrilled! As we are sure our community would like to know more, what can you tell us about your new games?

Gretta: New games, new features, and mechanics! I would recommend playing games like Cyber Wolf, The Vampires 2, Book of Vlad, Crystal Skull, and Football 2022.
It is not only about the graphics, but the mechanics. For example, the Football 2022 game is an interactive game connected to the World Cup Championship. The player could forecast the result of the match in the slot game vs real life and win prizes.

Cyber Wolf or Wild Streak – collect the symbols and win more, that is how I see these games.  

Newer game mechanics are coming, so we found the key to success for which games will be popular and what the final player wants.

Each release is unique and interesting for the players, that’s what I can say 100% because I see the results of our job.


SlotsMate: Having this information, what games would you say are the most successful?

Gretta: Games are successful based on different factors, regions, age, and nationality have their own preferences. From what I see now, we have super successful games from the old portfolio, but the new games show special results according to our plan and forecast.

SlotsMate: What are the markets where our readers can play your new games?

Gretta: As we are growing now and entering new markets, so are the games available in most of the certified jurisdictions such as Malta, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia (Republika Srpska), Serbia, Germany, Belgium, Georgia, Lithuania, Estonia,  Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic,  Switzerland, Bulgaria, Colombia, Portugal, Argentina Province of Buenos Aires, Hungary, Spain, South Africa, and many others.


SlotsMate: All the titles sound great, but could you tell us a bit more about their technicality? What would make a potential player click on them?

Gretta: Endorphina always hears what the player wants and we implement the feedback. Each player can write to us about their slot idea and we are happy to listen. So from the very beginning, we already know the trend. So basically, we show the players the unique mechanics and their trust is always with us. Players only click on the product they trust, then you have other aspects, but it is just my point of view.

SlotsMate: We would also like to meet the team behind, that makes it all possible. From where are they taking the inspiration and what drives the team to create such great games?

Gretta: That you know that we are the most creative company and our ideas are sometimes crazy. And that is Endorphina. It comes naturally, the team is really a family and the ideas are part of the creative process and this small secret will be always hidden. 

Follow us on all social media channels, we do show everything from the inside, so you can see every single person growing in Endorphina with a smile on their face.


SlotsMate: This interview was fun, and it was a great pleasure talking with you! Now that the interview has come to an end, is there anything else you would like our readers to know? 

Gretta: I would love to wish each reader a Happy New Year and wish next year to be more progressive and happier and better than any year in the past!

Thank you for inviting me to this interview.

Thank you for reading the full interview! For more Endorphina insights, be sure to follow our social channels and website for the latest inside scoops!

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