Top 3 Love Slot Games for St Valentine Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we want to give you an additional boost of endorphins, love, victory, and Endorphina as we highlight some of our most romantic games to lure you into some romance this year.

Today we prepared the TOP 3 best romantic slots for you to try out.


Are you a fan of living your best life while easily creating Insta-worthy shots in fascinating destinations? This is a top-tier slot game featuring a stylish and powerful couple who gives you access to experience their world of luxury. We’re talking about private jets, custom yachts, high-end watches, superb cars and the most prestigious vacation spots on Earth. Can you handle this life of luxury? This game offers a sleek look and modern design, with a bonus feature. Banknotes will spin on the reels right in front of your eyes, so be sure to catch this flight and take your seat because it will definitely be something worth remembering and sharing.


This is by far Endorphina’s sexiest game of all time. Taboo is filled with hot surprises as it holds the atmosphere and mood of Fifty Shades, with provocative tunes, deep velvet backdrops, and lots of bondage gear. As always, Endorphina’s developers build upon best practices by featuring vivid and stylish graphics to accompany suggestive tunes. Taboo is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot that will truly push all your boundaries through a bold play with 25 winning lines. On the grid, you will find images of leather whips, handcuffs, sharp hairpins and other items that will get the reels and your head spinning. There’s no other perfect time than Valentines to let yourself completely indulge in this slot.

The Emirate

Admire the life of modern Dubai and melt into a pristine world of luxury and power. The Emirate slot offers a modern twist on with a traditional Arabic theme to tempt you into extravagance with symbols of water pipes, teapots, the Dubai skyline, luxurious cars and of course mighty princes and beautiful princesses. This is the perfect slot to get you into the mood for romance, relaxation and a life of achievement. Maybe if you’re lucky, you might even take home a slice of a Middle-Eastern treasure too.

Try out this selection of our top best love theme slots. Go ahead and fill your heart with real love and warm feelings with Endorphina games.

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