EiG 2016 slot game to support iGaming event

BEST GAME DEVELOPER 2021 | EiG 2016 slot to support an iGaming event


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For the first time in history, there comes a custom slot developed exclusively for an EVENT! Absolutely everyone can enjoy the game on the Eig2016slot.com website and even win some serious prizes such as AAA ICE 2017 Conference Pass, 2017 Slot Academy Pass, a 3-month free trial of Endorphina games, genuine space food, and more.

Rory Credland, the Event Director for EiG from Clarion events, said this about the collaboration:

 „EiG is all about innovation and we are looking for something new and unique. When Endorphina came up with this terrific idea, we just couldn‘t say no to it, it was bold, brilliant and challenging at the same time, something that nobody-has-ever-done-before kind of a thing.“

We wish the best of luck to all players!

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