Chill Out at the Coolest iGaming Party of the Year!


  • SBC Summit Barcelona

  • Endorphina party at SBC

  • Ice-Breaking Party by Endorphina

Are you ready to go to a party that is so cool, you would want to freeze time to make it last longer? Look no further than our ice-breaking opening party of SBC SUMMIT Barcelona, where you'll spend an entire evening sipping on refreshing cold drinks and busting moves on the dance floor as the DJ spins some of the coolest tracks ever! Other than stunning wintery visuals, ice-cold drinks, and chill beats, you'll also get the chance to connect with people with similar ideas that might lead to exciting new partnerships in the future! REGISTER NOW and join us at Plaça de l'Univers, Barcelona, on September 19th, from 19:00 to 01:00 for an ice-themed extravaganza that will leave you inspired, connected, and ready to conquer the business world with a fresh, icy perspective. 

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