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Our CEO, Jan Urbanec, recently had an insightful interview with The Betting Coach! In the fresh interview, you can find out how important event appointments are for Endorphina, what we can expect from Jan’s upcoming speech on the future of slots, some juicy Endorphina secrets, and more! Interested in finding these out for yourself? Dive into the full interview below.

The Betting Coach:  Hi Mr. Urbanec, we are happy to meet you here in Barcelona!

SBC Summit Barcelona and land-based congress events finally return to make an appointment with companies and delegates. How important are these appointments for companies like Endorphina?

Jan:  It’s a pleasure to speak with you! I am confident that everyone in the industry is anxious to step out of their home office environment to meet their partners face to face.
I cannot stress enough how important those meetings are. Some things cannot be shared, solved, and agreed on online with such effectiveness.
The industry was used to having a massive number of events every year. Some people even claimed that there were once too many. This September will restart the standard that people were complaining about 2 years ago!

 The Betting Coach: You are among the speakers of: De-coding video gaming - the future of slots? Can you give us some insight into your speech?

Jan: We are happy to have an opportunity to be part of this very important discussion. The goal is to start sharing ideas and discussing how much the iGaming industry is being affected by the video game industry and vice-versa.

Gambling-like micro-transactions snuck into video games in the form of loot boxes and players are betting their virtual “skins” as currency.
If video games are inspired by mechanics from our industry, then we should consider the mechanics from video games to inspire us.
Whether it be the player’s journey, gaining player loyalty, or game content updates, there are lot of examples to follow. 

The Betting Coach: Today Endorphina is among the undisputed market leaders with over 1000 partners and a very large and high-performing games portfolio! Your company is the ideal partner that all gambling sites would like to work with. What are the secrets of such a broad global success?

Jan: We are honoured to be regarded as such a company. The current success is a cumulative effort of a million small steps that were done correctly or at least as correctly as possible during the circumstances.
However, the place we are at is not in any way near the place we want to be in the future.
We are a very scalable company with ambitions to grow our reputation of reliability, stellar service, and engaging games.
And the only way to do that is by taking a million more of these correct steps.

The Betting Coach: Endorphina is among the exhibitors here in Barcelona! What's new and why visit your stand? What makes your exhibition space unique?

Jan: This is a common question we get. Endorphina is known for putting up an entertaining show at the live events. Not only taking it as a pure business meeting for partners but also to provide entertainment. We do this online with our games to players, so we believe that it makes sense to do this offline when meeting partners at the big expos like ICE in London.

But since Barcelona is the first larger event after the 2 year hiatus, we believe there is no need for us to overshadow the simple fact that everyone will just love to meet in person, chat, and will have their meetings in person again.

The Betting Coach: To close our interview, next week, you and your company will be the protagonists of another great event: iGB L!VE. Can you give us some insights on this?

Jan: The Amsterdam event is coming back. It is a well-known and popular destination for our industry. We are all excited and are bringing as many people from our team as we can to the event. We have had some crazy ideas, but since the local health and safety restrictions do not allow too many people to gather in one spot, we decided not to implement them for this expo. We would love to, but in our experience when Endorphina creates some entertainment and throws in some legendary merchandise – there is a line around the whole stand!

Enjoyed the interview? Stay tuned as we’re always doing our best to stay engaged with the industry. Be sure to sit in and absorb Jan’s upcoming speech on the topic of the future of slots! 

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