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Recently, our very own CEO at Endorphina, Jan Urbanec, was interviewed by CasinoBonusTips. Now, you can go through his interview for CasinoBonusTips and absorb some of our hottest insights... 

Jan, thank you very much for accepting this interview. I would like to ask you to introduce yourself to our readers?

I am currently working as the CEO of Endorphina, a company that I have been sharing my journey with for the past 7 years. I enjoy improving myself personally and professionally. It is one of my main drivers - to be a better version of myself today that I was yesterday. I would like to work in a better version of this company today, than it was yesterday.

The name of the company is very original, where did the idea come from?

The name of the company came along as a result of a long conversation with one professor of genetics, during which we tried to find out whether gambling addiction still exists in nature, or if it is just a myth (after all, this has not yet been officially recognized). There are incentives and rewards in human behaviour and Endorphina symbolizes exactly the reward, the victory that you expect from the game. She is also feminine because we consider her the Lady Luck! This is exactly what we wish for all the players who play and love our games, and it is this attitude that we convey through our name!

What are your strategies to inspire players to gamble your slots?

On one hand, the strategy is more about the development quality based on our players’ interests, experiences, and best practices.Talking about Endorphina’s game portfolio, I can easily say that the variety of mechanics that are used, developed, and showed to our players help target different people from all over the world. We pay lots of attention to the sound and graphics of the game, so that players will feel full emotions from the slot game. On the other hand, there is the golden rule - don’t be deceptive. We strive to be clear and transparent in the paytable and inside the gameplay.

Endorphina is very passionate about working with streamers on YouTube and Twitch. Why is this model chosen?

You probably won't believe me, but this all started with organic growth. After we signed with the first major operators and started to deliver our games to their players, we noticed that some games gained huge popularity within the streaming community. Minotaurus and Book of Santa leading that group. At that moment, we tried to support the streamers’ channels by providing them with incentives – exclusive live interviews and some gifts. We strongly believe that there is no better way to show the player the mechanics, potential and beauty of a game, than through another player’s recorded reaction and experience.

Which is your favorite slot? And which of the slots brought the company the most profit?

My favorite slot has to be Minotaurus - one of our early releases. It is crazy volatile and takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. You first want to get a nice combination and when you are in the feature, you pray for no combination to arrive for as long as possible. I can give you an example of the series of slots like Lucky Streak, that performed and still continues to perform everywhere. The next is a strong release of our Chance Machine series. Both of these series are topping the casino lobbies of our partners as we speak. And the favorite slot all year long is Book of Santa - the slot that is performing well no matter what season it is.

At exhibitions, your company will certainly arrange a show. In my memory, a show with BDSM at ICE London. Tell us about the most unusual shows that Endorphina has put on?

Each year, we look forward to bringing and presenting our latest games during expos, along with our new achievements and most importantly, lots of fun and pure entertainment. In 2020, we brought to ICE a real 17-ton Major tank, it was a premier of our new slot - Cash Tank. Our visitors could take photos with our tank and chill inside of it with some tasty drinks. But that's not all, we really wanted to make it unforgettable by having our tank shoot out real cash every single hour! Yes, real cash and hundreds of USD were being shot from the cannon for our visitors to grab and take home. We are eagerly waiting for the expos and conferences to resume. The marketing team has some aces up their sleeves and are eager to show their cards.

Can you make a little spoiler? What slot is Endorphina working on now? Create a little intrigue.

Sure! I’m happy to announce an upcoming release that will be live already on July 7th, 2021- Fruletta. Fruletta will be a juicy, fruit-themed slot with an exciting wheel of fortune mechanic that incorporates a unique twist. Players will have to match the wheel’s symbol with one of three other symbols in a mini-slot. It’ll be a fast-paced game and players will repeatedly see the features. Just stay tuned for its upcoming release on July 7th, 2021!

Which slot providers do you admire the most?

It is hard to choose since there are so many major and historical providers and manufacturers who impacted our industry. There are a lot of innovators in the current iGaming market. But the land-based old-school machine manufacturers are the ones that created the market and the players. However, I like what Evolution gaming is doing now with their live games, for example.

Please give three reasons for players from all over the world to choose Endorphina’s slots from the variety of slots. 

Reliability. Our games need to remove all obstacles that may appear between the player and provide an enjoyable experience. The delivery of the game to the player’s device has to be flawless and the player should have no doubts about the reliability of the games.
At the end of the day, we have to always keep in mind that a player is making bets with his money, that he may choose to spend as he pleases.

Solid pay-out. We want players to understand the winning potential of our games. That if the game did not pay out this session, that there are more chances to experience a win that can seriously change the player’s life.
Our pay table and the winning symbol prices show the players that we do not shy away from high-winning multipliers, not even in the main game.
What other providers usually call a “big win” where the multiplier does not even touch three digits, Endorphina calls it a Monday ☺. You are welcome to visit our Youtube channel to check out some of those big wins.

Immersion. The graphics and animations are just gorgeous. You can check it for yourself. The sound creates the atmosphere. So if a game has a strong story like Rooster Fury, we focus on the music and how to enhance the experience.
But if the game is supposed to be a “new classic” like Hell Hot 100, then we don’t want to draw the attention of the player away from the actual spins and we choose to let the reel sound create the atmosphere itself.

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