Beware of fake Endorphina imposters and how it can hurt you

Dear Endorphina players,

It has come to our attention that there’s been a fraudulent copycat when it comes to Endorphina Games. We want to warn you all about specific sites that feature fake Endorphina slots in which they accept live bets.

Here’s the current list of fake Endorphina games (there may still be more out there):

Although these games may look legitimate and seem as if they are coming from the reputable provider Endorphina, they are indeed copycats and distributed without Endorphina’s permission. These fake sites also do not have any license to provide the software or are in any way associated to the rights of Endorphina’s IP.

Unfortunately, these games appear very convincing but here are the dangers that can be associated with playing these fake games:

- lower RTP than the original

- risk game manipulation

- connectivity issues

- bugs and glitches

- disruption in gameplay

- paytables not reflecting actual game rules and mathematics

- not tested by laboratories

- no liability since the non-original game software is created anonymously

If you encounter any other websites that seem to feature non-original Endorphina games, please report this Endorphina’s official channel and an investigation will be conducted.

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