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Jakub Kolomicenko, our Head of the Legal Department here at Endorphina, has recently accepted the offer to be part of the Zurich iGaming affiliate conference on June 21st, 2019. Since Jakub has spent a lot of time going through the laws, compliances, and regulations of the gambling industry, he’s very much looking forward to sharing his expert opinion on the heated topic of responsible gambling. He’s been working in-house in our Prague-based team for several years now.

In a matter of weeks, Jakub will make his way to the bustling city of Zurich on June 21st to be amongst other experts in the panel to discuss the importance of responsible gambling and its impacts on the future of the industry as we know it. Reputable online gaming providers and casinos can recognize the importance of this topic and are currently trying to support and encourage discussion as much as possible. At Endorphina Games, we value operating at a high-level standard and will continue to keep ourselves informed and updated regarding the laws and regulations in the industry. We're really glad that we'll be able to contribute to the global discussion in Zurich.


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