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Not afraid of being around vampires?

Set deep within the mountains, this majestic castle is surrounded by gargoyles to greet only the most fearless of players. This blood-thirsty stunning creature does not allow just anyone into his home. If you're chosen, you may get a shot at winning over his heart and taking a peek at his own written book of how it all began. This new bite on legendary classics will get your blood pumping like never before. 

Book of Vlad is a 5-reels and 3-rows with 10 paylines slot that includes Free games feature. In the game, players can double their winnings up to 10 times during the Classic Risk Game. Bonus Pop is also available in this game.

Beautiful gothic horror awaits as you get acquainted with beautiful vampires and maybe even some gigantic demonic wins inside our newest vampire slot. Take your chance and don't be afraid to look our vampire in the eyes in our Book of Vlad slot game!


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