What to expect in the future from Endorphina?

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Want to know how Endorphina organized its working process during the quarantine? What can you expect when it comes to expanding our business to the newest markets?  Eager to hear some exclusive news about some upcoming projects? You’ll find all of this inside our newest interview with our Head of Account Management Gretta Kochkonyan. 

Her background and joining Endorphina’s team

Gretta’s career started on aggregator’s side, but after experiencing the market, she decided to switch over to the provider’s side. She points out that Endorphina has a very international team and is welcome to everyone from the different ages, different cultures, different experience. Not to forget to mention that work in Endorphina inspires people for creativity and always brings up positive emotions.

How remote working was organized at Endorphina

Gretta shares, “As we’re an IT company, it wasn’t too hard for us to organize remote working. I’d say that our team is full of hardworking, eager, and self-motivated people.”

She continues by sharing that having weekly calls, chatting online, and having remote breakfasts helped a lot. She also mentions that for every task, she and her team started new chat to make sure the answers won’t get lost among the others. 

On future markets

As we already shared before, we’re planning on expanding our business to new markets. Right now, we’re focused on stepping into the Belarusian and Romanian markets. Gretta can see the great potential in these markets and hopes that the players in these countries will enjoy the games as much as the players from other countries, for example, in Spain and Latin America in which she talks about in the interview.

What to expect in the future from Endorphina

Endorphina is looking forward to the future and is planning to release its new slots on the new engine WebGL. Also, there’s some exciting projects coming out in the nearest future, so we encourage everyone to stay tuned.

Eager to know more about our future plans and Gretta’s favourite slot? Read the full interview at bestbitcoincasino.


If you wish to find out more about Endorphina's team, click here.

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