Top Performing Slot Providers in Russia

This is definitely a tricky topic, as Russia has always had a rocky relationship with gambling. The igaming industry is no doubt thriving in the world, as well as proving itself healthy in Russia just two decades ago. Being a top performing slot provider in Russia was a breeze in the past and would also remain so if it weren’t for its current situation. There was a point when it became so popular, even school kids would even skip class to watch fellow gamblers and hope to win some big fast cash. It has also been shared that after 2002, there were 58 casinos, 2,000 gaming rooms and about 70,000 slot machines in Moscow. However, as of 2009, Russia has banned gambling in most of the country – except for four government-sanctioned gambling zones in highly remote areas where not many people reside.


What are the only areas in Russia that currently allow gambling?

  • Kaliningrad Oblast
  • Azov-City
  • Altai Krai
  • Primorsky Krai
  • Crimea and Sochi were added in 2014


About Russia’s censorship

Since gambling is now illegal in the majority of Russia, it is extremely difficult to become a slot provider in Russia, let alone any kind of top well-known provider in Russia without getting in trouble with the law. You can understand that there are now strict censorship laws and regulations in place. In 2012, the Supreme Court demanded that Internet Service Providers are required by law to block access to online betting and casino sites. This makes it incredibly different for any remaining slot providers to target the Russian market or for Russian players to get involved with foreign online sites. The government keeps track and maintains a blacklist of banned websites.

Since most of the government’s energy focuses on foreign-based casinos, there are still some terrific Russian online casino sites that are thriving.


Here is a short list of the best and top performing slot providers in Russia 2017:

  • Guts Casino
  • All Slots Casino
  • Casino-Mate
  • Rizk Casino
  • Dunder Casino

With all of this in mind, we can clearly see there is much potential in the Russian market in terms of gambling. However, until laws become less strict, it will be difficult to rank your way to become a top performing slot provider in Russia.

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