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At Endorphina, we understand the importance of listening to our players’ needs and adjusting to their preferences if we want to keep them happy. This is why we’re constantly dishing out new quality games so that we can continue to provide our players with a new rush of endorphins and adventures in a wide variety of games. 

To introduce some of that variety to you, here are our TOP 5 animal-themed slots that you can try anytime:


This internet slot is situated inside the wild terrain of Kamchatka, perfected with the sights of magnificent geysers, high-rise mountains, and solid wins spread throughout the land. This gaming theme is strongly inspired by the area and its serene nature, but we also incorporate a touch of wild predators to run on the wheels. In high-def graphics, you’ll be able to spot a wild bear, an eagle, a wolf, and a fox if you stick around long enough. 

Kamchatka offers you 243 fixed lines and two options on how you can increase your wins inside of this online game. On top of the classic free games that are triggered by three scatter symbols on the reels, there’s also a geyser pick bonus. It’s the first time we apply our unique mathematics, so this slot is extremely special. As this game has no geographic boundaries, it has been very attractive to players around the globe. In addition, the Login Casino awarded Endorphina for this game as a nomination for the best slot of 2018.

Sugar Glider

This cute slot game revolves around a charming gliding possum that hunts for exotic fruits in the depths of Asian jungles. With its incredibly beautiful design, playful features and modern technologies, we expect that it will bring much joy to our players - especially to those who tend to love modern fruit slots with profitable bonuses. As this cute little animal sets out in search of big wins, you can also follow his lead and see what you will end up taking home. 

Little Panda

Our Little Panda internet slot is a bit different from our other games not only because it ranks as one of the cutest we’ve ever created, but also because its overall gameplay is incredibly appealing and offers various twists to keep players on their feet.

This panda slot game is designed with bright colors to evoke feelings of joy and happiness while players begin their journey through the magical and lush forest deeply hidden in the remote areas of China. There are many enchanted animals to be met along the way, especially the little panda bears that are full of big furry wins if you manage not to scare them away! Interested in seeing how big you can really win? Check out how this big win changed a player’s life. 


With this crafty and unique Origami slot game, players can explore the Japanese art of folding paper into various shapes, and this time, animal-themed characters in particular. Some of the paper-crafted animals that you can adore are the birds, fish, cats, and frogs, but the one you really need to look out for is the paper windmill, as is the highest paying symbol. Our Origami is a 5-reel video slot with 10 pay lines and it’s here to help you get immersed into the Japanese paper folding craft while also encouraging you to really win big. 


Safari is one of our exceptional internet slots that take players right to the wild African savannahs where they can observe the lives of various wild animals in their natural environment. With such a perfected merge of exciting gameplay and great features, it’s no wonder that this clearly belongs in our Top 5 animal-themed slots of all time. Our players rave about the amazing graphics and music that adds to the overall experience. Players are continuously rewarded with a true atmosphere of an African safari. Some of the animals that you may spot running on the wheels are lions, elephants, zebras, rhinos, and water buffaloes. Will you be able to keep up with them? Some have, and you can watch how big they won in this ultimate Safari.

Choose your favorite and start the adventure with Endorphina right now!

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