Prague Gaming Summit 2017 overview

This year was the first for Prague’s Gaming Summit 2017, organized by EEGEvents, part of EEGMedia, where Endorphina was able to attend and participate in. The gaming summit allowed delegates to have the opportunity to reach out and connect to regulators, gaming experts, operators, software providers, and investors.

Since we were happy that the event was taking place in our hometown, we made sure to help the organizers choose the perfect networking places in Prague. We all agreed for the event to be held inside a conference room at Andel’s by Vienna House Prague hotel and the networking party in a close authentic place. The venue was very cozy and inviting, allowing everyone to have a great atmosphere to network and discuss our ideas and experiences together.

We were represented by Jakub Kolomicenko from the Legal Department, along with Jan Urbanec from the Sales Department.
Our representatives were able to spark an engaging conversation and dialogue with the discussion panel, giving the audience a better insight into the new Czech gambling law which started on January 1st, 2017. With this topic at hand, our speakers were also able to point out the positive and negative aspects of its new regulatory framework. During the legislation discussion, our representatives sat at the panel and discussed with the ladies from the Ministry of Finance until all questions were answered.

The organizers presented Endorphina as a very successful and young company that has been rapidly expanding its brand from zero to more than 180 casinos. It was a pleasure to participate in such an event in our capital city and we hope that we will see you all again next year.

Special thanks go to the organizer of the event, Mr. Zoltan Tundik for the invitation to participate in this event and creating a welcoming environment for all international participants. 

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