Meet us in Amsterdam in 2017

Endorphina is thrilled to announce that we will be participating in this year’s iGaming Super Show event for 2017, which takes place in Amsterdam on July 11th to July 14th. Since this is the largest iGaming events of this industry, we are very excited to be able to participate and collaborate. We will be represented by our delegates, Jan — the head of our sales department, as well as with Dmitryi, the manager of our sales department.

This iGaming Super Show event will allow our delegates to get involved, learn and to discuss exciting business topics with other participants. Amongst other entertainment activities planned, there will be 8 events to participate in which involves topics about dedicated payments, lottery, regulation, compliance, sports betting, financial and affiliate events. With this, heated topics will also be discussed, such a the legal and technical aspects, finance, management, and marketing.

Our delegates will be able to network with individuals from across the globe and have the chance to educate themselves on a variety of topics from a business perspective. They will also be able to refresh themselves about specific laws that are currently being updated in this industry. Endorphina is greatly looking forward to participating in this event and to bring back insights from our delegates’ experience.

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