2027 ISS promo campaign overview

It will be almost 2 weeks since we’ve released our space-themed slot game 2027 ISS. The game was released to be paired on the special anniversary for the first human going into space in April, 1961. And to give our players something extra, we decided to run a special promo campaign with some of our partner casinos.

A 5,000 EUR prize pool was gathered for participating players who played a minimum of at least 50 spins or more to get their raffle tickets. The promo took place between April 12 and 18th, and we ended up gathering several thousands of raffle tickets to randomly choose from.

The prizes ranged from 50 EUR to 1,000 EUR and were all distributed. So far, we’ve received very good feedback from the players and from casinos.

Thank you all for supporting and participating in the event.

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